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I did some creative editing and took all of the TV Spot and Trailer scenes that involved First Order Stormtroopers including Finn and a little Capt Phasma, Kylo Ren, and Poe’s X-Wing attack for good measure. I mashed it up to an Imperial March Dubstep.

It’s in what I’d consider chronological in my estimation order except for the very end which has a fun twist. If not I’d say it’s at least “logical order”.

I also include clips from my BB-8 Alarm Clock Unboxing video, Kenner Blaster Rifle, TIE Fighter sound effects inside, and Imperial Troop Transporter record player inside and blasting Jawas next to my RC Sandcrawler in keeping with the Stormtrooper theme. And a popular vid Kenny Baker’s legs inside R2-D2. Enjoy! :D


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