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By Jodo
The more I see of the speeder designs, the less I'm excited about what new material this movie has to offer. It seems to be along the same lines of TFA's everything is a box motto. Many of the speeders also look like they were made for a parody. :|

This image leaked today though, so now there's an Imperial presence at least in the movie. The new Imperial tractor, when you absolutely positively have to have your sand field plowed.

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By Jodo
One theory is that they will be complete CGI'ed out totaly, and the physical set pieces are just for interacting with. Hopefully the designs are augmented somehow because right now they're not too impressive IMO.
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By Imaculata
I'm dreading this movie is just going to be one long row of references regarding how Han got the Falcon, how he got his blaster, his clothes, and insert Kessel Run, Jabba and Mynocks in the plot for good measure.
By jorsupersid
As much as I'm not too hot about the casting, the lazy title and entire prospect of a Han solo spin off movie (better suited for television? Maybe?).

I'm looking forward to this because SW FINALLY has an established veteran director of quality movies/films. Something soo lacking since the ORG. SW trilogy.

Ron Howard's "failures" are still even entertaining and well acted. Random list:

Willow (love it dearly)
Apollo 13
A Beautiful Mind
Cinderella Man (terrible title thou)

His comedies are even definition of the term.
I'm not all that interested myself, I feel they should have left the character alone. Likewise, I believe Harrison should be the only one playing Han - is he too old for a high paced action adventure? Then think of a brand new story involving another character that's alive. I'm not even sure what I think of the action figure line for the movie - I might have to wait until the movie comes out to determine if I even want to collect anything from it.
By jorsupersid
Well apparently Ford only signed on to TFA to green light two more (atleast) vehicles for him to return to Indiana Jones. And the next one is IN production with release date set and studio space in England booked for it during the preproduction of TFA.

So even in his 70's he still can an will play these roles. Just look at Blade Runner 2049.

But it was also his idea to kill Han in ROTJ so he never really cared for Han anyway it seems.

I think Han Solo is cool but I never really got the whole fan obsession with him since all he mostly does is transport people, complain, get into trouble or stay in the background. But then again some fans practically worship Boba Fett when he is only just a costume.
While I have some fears that this will be checklist of things we apparently know Han did before he met Luke (win Falcon in a Sabacc game, earn Chewie's life debt, etc) overall, I am optimistic and really looking forward to the film and its associated merchandise. For one, its in the Imperial era, which remains my favourite time period for Star Wars stories, and the scum and villainy setting promises to yield lots of alien visual spice. I'm hoping for Hutts, bounty hunters and barflies aplenty. The leaked imagery so far all has a fabulously 70s vibe to it that suggests thoughtful design and a sense of fun to me.

The term Imperial Range Trooper has been tossed about, which is intriguing. Perhaps we'll be seeing some kind of lightly armoured Scout Trooper variant? Sounds cool to me, and I'm always keen for more specialized Imperial Troops to collect.

Thanks for sharing! They look great. :wink:

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