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By The Professor
darth_sidious wrote:I'm a bit surprised no concrete info has been leaked about 3.75 figures, with only a month until the launch. It would be nice to have a general idea of what will appear - at least the amount of figures in a wave, how many lines, etc. I'm looking forward to September 4th, but I'm also a bit hesitant to jump into that potential chaos at retail.

Isn't that crazy? At this point before the AOTC and ROTS toy release dates, a lot of merchandise had already leaked and was accidentally released. Plus, the toys had been shown off at Toy Fair. It's really weird knowing so little. I keep expecting to get on here and find a leaked photo. The products have to be arriving at the stores soon.

I finally made it to TRU and saw the countdown clock.
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By Jodo
Raylen wrote:Must admit that my collectible spending has really gone in all directions lately. 12-13 years ago I collected a little bit of everything. If it was cool (even non SW), i'd buy it. Then at some point I decided that SW was always my true love and I stopped collecting much else except maybe one Transformer every year or so (my second love). Then I finally cut back even more to almost exclusively the 3 3/4" line because there's only so much room and the line would conceivably keep growing. Then when the TBS line came about with all the problems that had come before plus some, I began to look around at all the other cool things some of the new licencees were doing. I wanted to buy SOMETHING and Hasbro wasn't providing it! So I pulled the trigger on a couple different things. A high end or third party Transformer here or there. I got the Play Arts Kai Boba Fett with plans to get the Stormtrooper. I placed an order for the Bandai samurai Vader and Stormtrooper. Just dropped major coin on another large Gundam.
I'm really not sure where I should go with my collection or where I even WANT it to go. I saw that Bandai was going to be making more samurai figures (Royal Guard, Boba, and another Vader). I never intended to go deep with that line but some of those look cool. Hmmmm... well after nearly 2 months Amazon STILL did not have my Vader and Stormie ready to ship, so I just cancelled the order altogether. Maybe some day I'll get the bug to buy them but for now, I don't have to even worry about going down that path. Heck, even though this Play Arts Boba is REALLY cool, I'd be lying if I didn't say I've considered selling it.
I've been collecting 3 3/4" SW figures for nearly 40 years. That will probably always be the core of my collecting but that doesn't mean I will accept crappy or 5 POA figures. That's akin to all cars having power windows, locks, and steering as standard features now, and then the car companies jacking the price up and making none of those features available anymore. And despite 3 3/4" being my core, I've gotten rid of more of them than I've bought over the last year. Whats to come? Well, we have no idea at the moment.
If I could sum up my collecting future in one word it would be "uncertain".

Unfortunately, I think this post speaks for a lot of us. With nothing (or little) to buy the past few months I ended up purchasing a large lot of Stormtroopers, and a few costume pieces for an upcoming project. I'd hate to blow my budget on other stuff with only a month to go for the MM release, so I'm holding out on purchasing anything else for the time being. Maybe. :?
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By Trooper31
That's where I'm at as well. I'm not buying anything at the Moment because I don't know what's coming in a month's time. When People hint that the amount of stuff coming will be huge, I think it's best when I save up. However, with the lists that have leaked, it Looks like there will be a lot of stuff available, but will I actually want it? I think brining back MM is a cool idea, although I have never been in to those, but my biggest question is, How much 3.75" stuff is there going to be and how much of it will be SA?

I'm actually interested in what 3.75" vehicles they will have, especially all the different classes that have been listed. If the ships are cool looking, then I'll pick some up. As for the figures, I may end up geting some 5 poa, but only for the BAW pieces, not the figures themselves. What I really want is a nice mix of TFA and OT 3.75" SA figures for the fall.

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