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By Raylen
Jodo wrote:I've heard they're using the existing FO Lander ramp for RO as well. I'd be willing to bet they digitally transform that into one of the OT landers though.

Hope they go this route. Would hate to see them reuse something new for something older just to save on budget.
By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:Yeah, it's supposed to be very close to the ANH timeline... leaked set images have revealed some nice OT troops as well as the landing ramp.


I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that they're going to have standalone "spinoff" movies while there is a an official "in series" trilogy going on at the same time.

I think they're going to dilute the brand. "Force Awakens" was a major event. But, in a few years, we're going to be so blase´about Star Wars....

(and I'm frankly utterly uninspired by the notion of telling the story of the stealing of the Death Star plans. Major yawn.)

But then, no one at Disney asked my opinion.
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By Jodo
I agree 100%. That is one reason why I just don't really care for Marvel movies one way or the other. Sure there are some good ones, but a half dozen seem to be out/coming out at any given time. I really think the best way to have done SW is to finish out the sequel, and then start the anthology films.

The OT has always been my favorite (especially for vehicles), but still...I don't need to see movies based in that time period.
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By Raylen
I'm happy we're getting some spinoffs. Some of the best SW stories I thought was Clone Wars because you got to see more of the galaxy, not just the key players. I do worry though about it being too much of a good thing. I love superhero movies and TV but yeah, its reached a saturation point and doesn't feel quite as special anymore. Don't think there'd be as much as problem if not for all the merch, social media click bait, and constant 24/7 exposure.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm much more interested in a 2-3 hour spinoff movie than ongoing cartoons and such.

Rogue One sounds promising... a Boba Fett film does too, with Temura Morrison portraying him... but a Han Solo film seems really risky... because Harrison Ford is Han Solo... not some young 20-something. The key to this will be finding an actor who truly resembles a younger Harrison Ford, which won't be easy.

Best choice I can think of is Anthony Ingruber.


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By Raylen
A lot of people are hoping he gets it. He definitely looks more like Ford than some of the other contenders. But yeah, Harrison Ford IS Han Solo. Good luck on anyone to really capture his portrayal and make it work. I love Indiana Jones, but I could not get into the Indy Chronicles for anything.
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By darthmac
At the risk of posting on topic... I picked up Rey's speeder a whole ago. No bad but is in need of a lot of upgrades. Gave the packin Rey to my daughters. Using my extra tbs rey with it instead.
By Dave79
A couple of weeks ago I got Rey's Speeder and TIE Fighter (desert version).

The speeder is OK. Could use some extra dirt for sure.

The TIE is just awesome. Not a single complaint! I was worried about the wings being warped but they are both perfectly straight.

I'm planning to get Poe's x-wing soon and that will be it. No more TFA vehicles for me.
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By YAK_Chewie
I picked up the Walmart exclusive X-Wing today. It was on clearance at a nearby Walmart for $25.00

Talk about a night and day quality job between this and the black version. This one is made with a much better plastic, resulting in it not feeling like a piece of junk.

Sure, I'd rather it have been bigger and more screen accurate, and I would have paid $70 or so for one that was on par with the previous X-Wings Hasbro has made. But for $25, this is cool - maybe even at $35-$40 - but not for $50.

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By YAK_Chewie
Last night I was at Walmart and noticed that the Falcons they had in the clearance aisle for $69 were gone.

I walked back in the regular SW section, and saw a few on a riser - got them down, scanned for $35 - bought two of them. One for my son, another for a friend... both have birthdays in May/June... perfect.

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By YAK_Chewie
Opened up a Falcon tonight.

This thing is actually very well made. It just has three issues.

1 - Nerf gun = dumb feature
2 - No landing gear or opening ramp
3 - overpriced

Basically... if they removed the stupid Nerf gun feature and instead added the landing gear/ramp, and the MSRP was $89.99, this would have been a very good version of the Falcon.

Too bad they came up with some really stupid design ideas and priced it almost double what it should have been. Because there is NO WAY this should be a $140~ish toy.

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