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By Trooper31
So, if this Fails, will Hasbro say that nobody wants playsets, then?

I was excited when I first heard this, but now knowing it's for MM, I don't really care about it. I think MM is a cool idea and all, but if they're going to do that for Kids, then why continue the 5 poa line at all? It seems that Hasbro is shotgunning this and hoping that everything they put out Appeals to enough People that they've been able to cover every area that People might be intersted in........except maybe 3.75" SA figures.
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By master_phruby
Hopefully it is not this Micro machines Star Destroyer at that price.

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By StooperZero
like a bad dream... :lol: :lol:

the falcon playset reminds me of the game "Loopin Louie" .

Curious if these ones are the size of what galoob had for their OT stuff and who wants a MM playset with only 1 vehicle or figurine???
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By master_phruby
I'm thinking that is exactly that. They will be the same size as the OT versions from years ago. It's the same crap just with a lot higher price.
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By StooperZero
I liked the old MM stuff since they were nice sized environments with detailed vehicles. but once the "HEAD" "open this" stuff started... I lost interest.

... Just repackage the entire Action Fleet @ $20 each and we'll buy them all.

when I was a kid and things heated up and switched to a space/vehicle battle on a mass scale- out came the MM or action fleet.

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