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By Paulskywalker
Maybe that is the one in the top picture.....

Sadly this is the type of playset they were talking about.
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By Paulskywalker
Too be honest i don't really like it, i think it's ugly and doesn't look right. And what is with the huge nerf cannon that pops out!! I keep not wanting to say this but i have a bad feeling about how two characters keep cropping up together.
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By Paulskywalker
What i find funny is this has come after Hot Toys made the huge 12 inch scale Falcon for their display and the Falcon cockpit for sale.
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By Jodo
But the qualities are vastly different, that's for sure! One interesting thing I've been considering lately is that a lot of fans are saying "Hasbro doesn't care about collectors" or "these 5POA figures are meant for kids". I think this suggests is that kids don't desire or observe quality in their toys. I know I sure did as a lad...
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By Paulskywalker
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'm not sure I follow you... Hasbro would have had this Falcon tooled up probably at least a year ago, long before anyone knew anything about the Hot Toys version.


I just meant it was funny that after one company shows something amazing relating to the Falcon, and then Hasbro reveal this.

I find the images of the front of the falcon and the nerf cannon that the plastic looks cheap. Also it looks smaller than the Kenner falcon to me.
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By YAK_Chewie
I see what you mean now, Paul.

As for "quality" - I think when kids have a reference point, it has a big impact on what they are used to. If they are used to SA figures, they don't like the 5POA ones. But if they don't know better, then they are "used to it."

Seriously. It makes sense if you are trying to "trick kids." Hasbro slowly over the past few years has reduced articulation with different action figure lines, and now BAM! That's the norm.

For example... my son hates the 5POA figures. He's 8 years old... and all he has seen up until the past couple years are SA figures that I have, and his GI JOEs that I've given him. Awesome stuff that he can really enjoy. But he really has no interest in his Rebels toys anymore because they are so limited.

So, I showed him the new EP7 catalog... and he commented over and over that the figures are boring because they can't be posed or played with... he saw the 6" scale ones, and his eyes lit up because they have articulation - but then when he realized they were not the 3.75" scale, he was deflated. He does want the Falcon though, because it turns into a playset - and he LOVES playsets. He plays with other brand playsets all the time.

For comparison, he loves the Jurassic World toys, in spite of their limited articulation... but you know what? He's never been around dinosaur toys that can do more, hence he has no reference point of superior quality... so he thinks they are fine.

On any note, isn't it the hope of parents that their kids "have things better" -? Hasbro's approach for the most part now is just the opposite... and it's really because they think they gotta have as cheap of product as possible to be competitive. But that's not the lesson of 2012's epic Star Wars retail disaster. They really don't get it.

By dj121
Jodo wrote:The weird thing is that they just created a brand new mold for the other horrible one, so why make an even smaller horribler (?) one for the TFA line?

As for the larger Falcon, I know a lot of people have sad it will be a gutted BMF, or an electronic BMF2....However I wonder if Hasbro ever considered the Vintage/POTF2/OTC version we all grew up with? At least then there would be some sort of playability for kids...

I asked them about using existing molds a few years back at one of the Star Wars celebrations. The answer I got was it is now cheaper to design new toolings with less parts and assembly. The older classic style molds would require lots of paint apps, screws and would have to be mostly assembled or kitted by factory workers. All of that costs money. :?
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By The Professor
The reason they decided to go ahead and make the BMF in the first place is that the original vintage molds finally broke.
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By Jodo
I forgot all about the old molds breaking, dang it! And yeah, apparently they switched to the new smaller vehicle molds because they use less screws, and partially snap together or something. I can see where it saves them on assembly, but it's too bad they didn't keep them scaled a up a bit. The ITT definitely comes to mind as being too small.

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