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By StooperZero
Dented from an Ewok bashing his brains out.

I like those giant Stormtroopers that are the same size as the santas/snowmen people put in their yards at christmas time. If they get clearanced out I'm buying one just to shoot.
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By darthmac
:roll: Endor Han.... Why....! VOTC Han, VTC Bespin Han, a good kit bash jabba's palace Han, but Endor Han again!?
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By Jodo
Dang! That Rey figure looks great, and even includes accessories!!! :shock: I'll definitely be picking up the TFA figures, and an extra or two of Poe to customize some TFA pilots into existence. Definitely a pass on Endor Han though. :?
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By Trovovo
Is it just me or does Endor Han's trench coat look worse with every re-realease?

Anyway, no thanks. I'ld rather pay roughly half as much for 5POA figures which, in addition to having really nice sculpts, are aesthetically similar to the vintage Kenner figures that I love so much.
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By JediMerc
I'm getting excited for these 3.75" figs...but also worried that WalMart/Hasbro is going to somehow drop the ball on how they get out to retail. My concern is that there just won't be enough of these made, especially since it's clear that Hasbro doesn't consider these to be aimed at kids. With their view that the 3.75" collector market is shrinking, will they really produce enough of these waves to satisfy demand. (We know that most of us don't buy just one: we get multiples, some MOC, some as openers, some for customizing, etc.)

I kind of figured that BB-8 wouldn't be included with any of these figures since he's been packaged with Poe's X-Wing and in the 5POA Heroes Scavengers/Unkar's Thug 2-pack. Hasbro's forcing anyone that wants him to pick up one of those other items (and pay more in the process). Ah, revenue streams, revenue streams...
By dj121
These look great! I have a strong feeling though that Hasbro is intentionally trying to kill the SA line. Making them a Walmart exclusive is bad enough, but sending out a first wave of three repacks that no one wants will do nothing but clog pegs and prevent wave 2 from shipping out. I've seen three stores in my area are bogged down with Luke, Vader and Chewie. The figures not selling is the excuse Hasbro needs to claim we no longer buy SA figures. They end the line and we are all stuck with the return of the 5 POA stuff.
By YakPurge
I happened upon poe and finn, for the price I'm a lil disappointed in them.
once again joint don't match the part.

finn's wrist joint is the same color as his jacket.
poe's gloved wrist joint is the same color as his flight suit
also poe's arms/legs don't really match the orange of the torso
and poes eyes are a lil off.
they did a pretty descent job of his 5 o'clock shadow tho
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By YAK_Chewie
That stinks that you actually found them, only to be disappointed... :(

I did notice from pics that they screwed up the orange coloring... that's likely due to the plastic torso being a different type of plastic than the soft arms and legs. I absolutely HATE when they make the torsos that hard non-pliable plastic. It sucks...

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By darth_sidious
I don't mind the SA line being exclusive, but put it on the damn website already. I've been able to order basic figures from WM's site and pick them up at retail - why aren't they doing this with the SA line? Its such a hassle for a product that frankly doesn't compel me to hunt for it. The deco is no better than the basic line, the mismatched joints are a joke, and the price frankly makes me want to leave the line behind.

Get a retail partner or online site that will stock them so they are available everywhere, correct the issues with joints and deco, drop a few POA, put them on vintage cardbacks, and reduce the price back to $10. That's what I'd do to save this line.
By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:I agree, Hasbro seems to be self-imposing the demise of this line.

More than anything, I'd like to see them drop the ball jointed hips and waists in an effort to get closer to $10 per figure.


Agreed! I never liked ball-jointed torsos at all. Cuts way down on customizing possibilities, too. Hips I can totally live without. Even the ball-jointed wrists felt unnecessary to me, as much as I appreciated them trying to find new frontiers in posability.

Get us back to the VOTC style of widely-available premium figures at a reasonable price. It really does feel like they're trying to kill it.
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