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By YAK_Chewie
StooperZero wrote:LOL

you're lucky.

My Vaders head fell off taking him out of the package and my obiwan fell out of my pocket and got ran over in my grandparents driveway ...

all on the same Christmas day.

I remember crying and my grandfather said.. well looks like he went fast.

LOL... I had a Vader head fall off too. I also somehow managed to lose my Chewbacca.

I remember for a while, I had put Vader's head on some sort of wooden block and in my play battles he was still alive and giving orders even though he was just a head.

When I lost Chewie, my sister had some stupid looking brown bear and I had to pretend that was him for a while. At some point I remember getting a replacement Vader and Chewbacca.

Oh, the imagination of being a kid... LOL!!!!!

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By YAK_Chewie
ImperialOfficer wrote:I remember playing with my clone troopers amd putting them on my millenium falcon. :D

That is cool! My son used to do that -- he loves my big Falcon still, and when he does get figures out to play, he always wants to use the Falcon, regardless of what group of figures he's using. He had it filled with TVC Gamorrean Guards once!

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By reverendstrone
Hah, yes, my kids are the same. I have two girls and their collection is heavily dominated by female characters. My Millenium Falcon has routinely been co-opted by an all-girl A list squad of heroes led by Ahsoka and consisting of several clones of herself in different outfits, Bariss Offee, Princess Leia, Rey, Shaak Ti, Sabine and Hera. :D BB-8 and Chopper are sometimes allowed along for the ride.

Thanks for sharing! They look great. :wink:

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