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By Jodo
I think the sculpts of these figures are really well done, and that they look pretty darn good; however, I still won't be picking them up because they would serve no purpose in my modern articulated collection. :|

Also, I saw a 6 inch figure at CE that had the new Stormtrooper blaster, so I'd be willing to bet we see a RO Stormie in that line at some point.
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By YAK_Chewie
If the troops look that good in person, and these aren't available in TBS 3.75, my plan is to get the following:

Armored Driver x 2
Death Trooper x 2
Shore Trooper x 2
Stormtrooper x 6

That's a lot, I know. But I figure these ALL have great helmets so if later on, SA versions are available, I can still use the helmets for various customs.

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By Jodo
Yeah, that is a lot! :lol:

The Shore Troopers and drivers would be worth it I think, because they'd be just fine with articulated Stormtrooper arms swapped out on them. The Death Troopers are bit too much for me to handle though, lol.

The RO Stormies look better than the original Legends release though! It's too bad they're not aiming or standing at attention or something because the sculpt is great, as are the helmets. I'd probably pick up a few if they had some "action" to them, like the old CW Clone Trooper 3-pack figures.
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By Paulskywalker
I just look at those Stormtroopers and think Kenner.
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By The Professor
If they're as plentiful as all but the initial TFA waves, who knows if they'll ever hit the stores.

Despite being 5 POA, the sculpts and paint jobs look pretty good.
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By Jodo
I really like the K-2SO droid, and the Imperial Ground Crew is interesting too...That Stormtrooper helmet looks amazing though. By far the best sculpt they've done thus far.
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By darthapathy
It kind of looks like K-2SO has bendable elbows, knees, and even ankles. Is it an optical illusion or just wishful thinking? Even if "he" only has 5 POA, this would be one I may pick up.
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By darth_sidious
I'm impressed with the sculpts on all the RO figures thus far, I'm honestly not seeing any issues when it comes to deco either. I enjoyed the TFA basic line and thought many of the figures were great, but hated the figures with helmets sculpted on sporting the banana yellow visors. If there are any Rebel pilots, or similar characters, hopefully that wont be repeated. If Hasbro makes a genuine effort (as it appears is being done with the RO figures), they'll find more collectors satisfied with the basic line. Quality sculpts and good deco win me over each time, and articulation becomes negligible.
By Lance Quazar
So has anyone else noticed that the Rogue One figures seem very small and slight compared with previous lines?

A few of the TFA figures felt like they were tending just a little smaller and the Rogue One line is even worse.

I have no intention of buying any of the 5POA figures (except for the droid, which I did pick up.) But even though he's supposed to tower over other figures, he's really not that tall.

And the poncho Jyn Erso, the imperial troops, the Cassian from the U-Wing (glimpsed through the packaging)....all seem both short and skinny.

Closer to the statue of the Character Options 3.75 inch doctor who figures, which really get towered over by most items in the usual Hasbro lines.

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