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By StooperZero
phase one tie defender.

Set a course for the "clearance" system R-Turdio

"Where's Clearance??" ,

"it's where toys go to die"
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By YAK_Chewie
The more I am looking at these two vehicles, the more I am liking them as opposed to the vehicles that were released for TFA. The reason is, both the X-Wing and TIE were cool designs, but not very different from what we saw before (which is still a GOOD thing when it comes to the continuation of the OT). But the TFA vehicles were also cheaply made. Especially the X-Wing.

Since the U-Wing is totally new, I find it interesting enough to make the purchase - unless I see reviews beforehand revealing it's a cheap piece of junk. The TIE striker, I think is a wicked design and really fits in wonderfully with the Imperial designs we all know and love. It's a definite buy - I just hope the silly nerf feature is easily removable.

I showed these to my son last night, and his reaction was, "whoa!" So that's better than his reaction to the TFA vehicles too. He also seems to like the AT-ACT. And with this movie having more of a "warfare" theme - I think there's a good possibility that the kids are going to be a little more interested in the toylines as well.

My prediction on these two vehicles is the U-Wing will end up sitting a lot longer on shelves. Hasbro should produce more TIEs than U-Wings. But I'm not sure that kind of obvious logic has even crossed their minds! :oops:

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By Paulskywalker
Shame about the U Wing. Hasbro just don't know what makes a good idea anymore... Or the good ideas are put across and written off as too expensive.
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By Jodo
The U-Wing is apparently in approx. scale to the older Action Fleet vehicles, so there is a silver lining for some!

I want the new TIE for sure, but I also saw some posts about how the wings are much smaller than anticipated, and are vastly out of scale overall. I'd like to see some in-hand pictures before I commit. With the warpage of the TFA vehicles, and assuming these are made from the same material, I wonder if Hasbro even learned their lesson...
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By Jodo
Seeing those new pictures from that RS from member genuinely make me mad at Hasbro, more so than I think I ever have been before.
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By Darth Vlad's Clone
Jodo wrote:Seeing those new pictures from that RS from member genuinely make me mad at Hasbro, more so than I think I ever have been before.

I understand the feelings from the several years of collecting. It's essentially made me apathetic towards the hobby now. It's the way it is, but I feel so much better for it.
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By mousedroidhoojib
The U-Wing has shown up at my local TRU here in Melbourne, Australia. For anyone in the US who is balking at $60 for the vehicle, please spare a thought for people in the international market where prices are always significantly higher, even though the distance to the factories where the items are manufactured are in some cases smaller. The U-Wing here rings up at AU $119.99 (roughly US $90.50).
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By StooperZero
i can now 100% believe hasbro has gone full retard. just like the falcon of last year nobody bought due to the ridiculous price it will die the slow mark down death.

and it's just buck rogers in the 25th centurys' starfighter with 4 engines.
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