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By YAK_Chewie
I can knock some figures off my list... did not get these at a big box retailer... nice to get them a bit early and share with my son since he can't go with me to Midnight Madness Thursday night.

Yes, these are crappy phone pics... sorry for the quality... gotta be quick so I can get my kids in the bath and to bed. Sorry I didn't grab a pic of just K-2SO, he is AWESOME and has a soft torso - for the customizers, that is important to know.

Group shot:



Stormtroopers (love them), they do have hard torsos like pretty much all Stormtroopers Hasbro has made:

Jyn (Wave 2 - has a soft torso, which is great for customizers like me):

Here is her hood, I love this thing, great for customs too!

While both Jyn figures have soft torsos (yay!), they have different size neck pegs so you can't just swap heads...
BUT... Wave 1 Jyn has articulated wrists, which is very, very nice!

Cassian (worst figure of the group, has a solid torso so customizers won't be happy), really wish his hat was removable:

Blind Jedi guy (Wave 2, really much better than I though he would be, mine has a hard time standing)... yes he has a soft torso:

My daughter likes the Jyn figures...

And I also picked up a Death Trooper in the 6" line... he's outstanding...

All in all, really nice stuff and a HUGE improvement over the TFA 3.75" figures... it's not even close.

I did see a Rey too, and she looked awful - hideous eyes.. the Krennic was outstanding looking for 5POA, but the asking price was more than I was willing to pay at this point.

Oh - and before I forget, I saw TRU is setting up space now for their display (but the figures I got were NOT purchased there).



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By Jodo
Nice haul!!!!

I went to Target after work this morning, and picked up 2 of the 3 basic figures hanging on the pegs, as well as the Titanium Imperial Transport Shuttle, and then the TBS Stormtrooper helmet (which was my #1 priority for today). I got $25 off my $100 purchase, so essentially everything past the helmet was free. They had one of each VS two-packs, and no 6 inch stuff what-so-ever. I couldn't believe how bare the shelves were!

My original plan was to get the Tie Striker and a second Imperial crew guy, as well as a second K2SO; but since the basic figures were all gone I didn't bother. The $10 off a $50 purchase was enough to sway me, but I guess it's whatever....I do have to go to Marion, IL tomorrow, so I'll look at their Target...I did run to Edwardsville Walmart too, but that situation was DIRE. Not one new piece of RO merchandise to be seen. No Legos, no Funko Pops, no Hasbro....Nothing! :|
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By YAK_Chewie
Had a good night last night, met up with Steve (Darth Vlad's Clone) and we went to a local TRU.

They had a good selection of goodies for last night. Most people seemed pretty happy with what they got, I didn't see the frustration from last year.

I picked up a lot between my early pickup the other day, last night, and an early Target run this morning...

3.75" Stuff
- Chirrut x 1
- Sabine x 1
- Kanan x 1
- Cassian (Eadu) x 1
- Jyn (Eadu) x 1
- Scarib Trooper x 1
- Moroff x 1
- Jyn (Jedah) x 2
- Pao x 2
- Death Trooper x 2
- K-2SO x 3
- Ground Crew x 4
- Stormtrooper x 10

U-Wing x 1

6" TBS
- Death Trooper x 2
- Jyn x 1
- K-2SO x 1

Funko POP
- K-2SO x 1

- Death Trooper x 1
- K-2SO x 1

- Space Walls (3.75) x 2

I believe that's it... I'm gonna have to go on a major spending diet after all of this!

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By Jodo
Wow, that's a lot of stuff Chewie!

Today I ended my days with 3 Walmart visits total (one had product), and then my visit to Target as well. I ended up getting the following:

K-2SO X2
Imperial Crew X2
TBS 3.75 Ahsoka
Imperial Cargo Shuttle Titanium
TBS Stormtrooper helmet
Space Walls 3.75 X2

I'll be going to Marion, IL Target tomorrow, so I'm hopeful that I can pick up the Tie Striker and something else to get to the $50 bench mark for the coupon.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, the Walmarts by me are hit or miss... and the ones that DID get in product got in pallets of everything EXCEPT 3.75" figures... makes no sense. They did get in a handful of cases that they put out today though.

Here's a pic of what I came home Friday night from TRU:


Also, I picked up the Rebels Speeder bike today - it's okay. Great sculpt and all that, but I didn't realize Hasbro had added a stupid big ass canon on it! It looks ridiculous with it on there. GEEZE. They have to stop this stupidity.... :x

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By The Professor
CHEWIE, you found Chirrut? I didn't realize Wave 2 was out yet. I picked up all the Rogue One figures from the first wave and the two-packs. The limited articulation isn't the best, but the sculpts and paint jobs are nice.
By terman123
Just Picked up a Sabine. Had some unforseen bills come up. Hoping next weekend will be able to use the Target coupon and grab some stuff. Haven't seen any of the Hot Wheel ships anywhere.
By Corman
I had a really good haul between the midnight launch and the regular morning openings.

I had to work on Thursday night and didn't get to the TRU on the south side of Des Moines until about 5 til midnight. When they opened I was the last one in but was just focused on getting their exclusive. Six inch Black Series were being snapped up left and right and I thought I had no chance getting one with the 15 to 20 people that were ahead of me getting them first. Thankfully TRU had them stocked in an area that was off to the side and I found one before they were all gone. I also picked up a 5POA Sabine and Kanan in Stormtrooper disguise for my kids and the free poster and t-shirt for myself. I was the last one in the store but I was the first one out.

I stopped at the SE 14th street Walmart (nothing out at midnight), the TRU on University (had their doors lock by the time I got there at 12:30) and the Walmart off 73rd (also nothing out at midnight).

I then headed up to the Grimes Walmart and they were at least stocking the Rouge One stuff…. including the Walmart exclusive 3 3/4 Black Series figures. I nabbed one each of Ackbar, Ashoka, Lando and two of the Royal Guard. They didn't ring up at the check stand but they just did an override on it.

With the exclusives out of the way I headed home and checked the Marshalltown Walmart (nothing stocked) to get some sleep before I would head out early to get to the Ames Target.

They were still stocking and getting the Star Wars section together at open on Friday morning (turns out that section got waxed that night so they got off to a late start working on stocking it) but they had darn near everything else I was looking for. I landed the full set of Black Series 6 inch figures, the full set of 3 3/4 inch two packs, the TIE Striker, the U-Wing, and a full set the the 5POA (plus three extra Stormtrooper and Imperial Ground Crew figures) and spaced out the purchases to save $85 with the Target coupon.

I then ran down to Ankeny and found the Hera A-Wing at their Walmart and picked that up. They also had the Ashoka 3 3/4 inch Black series wave there but no Royal Guards were left.

The only thing I'm after now are the Titanium ships (never saw them at all), the Imperial Speeder Bike with AT-DP driver and maybe the Assault Walker if it's different from the TFA release (anyone have any idea if it is?) until the next round hits.

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By YAK_Chewie
Lance Quazar wrote:Chewie, gotta ask - why are you army building 5POA stormtroopers? Surely you must have countless GOOD stormies in your collection at this point?

Because I just love the way they look - I don't think they are the best Stormtrooper ever, but these helmets are just fantastic and having them lined up in rows just looks outstanding. These are the second best Stormtrooper Hasbro has made, in my opinion. The best being the Sandtrooper mold from TVC line.

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