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By StooperZero
pre-ordered 6" Baze and Chirrut today from EE. should show up sometime in june.

once again, the $9.45 shipping beats the minimal $25 in gas i would spend if i went on a dismal figure hunt .
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By GrandMoffHux14
Jodo wrote:
GrandMoffHux14 wrote:Jodo, I will consider that offer for sure! I'll get back to you. :D

I checked yesterday, and they were gone! :cry: They've had them forever too!!!!

Don't worry about it! :D I'll find a way to get them!
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By Imaculata
Whohoo, a whole new batch of Rogue One 3.75 figures just landed on my doorstep.

-Imperial Death Trooper
-Sergeant Jyn Erso (Ground Crew Disguise)
-Scarif Stormtrooper Captain
-Admiral Raddus
-Lieutenant Sefla
-Baze Malbus vs. Stormtrooper

+ the Jedha Revolt Pack.

I love the bulked up look of the Imperial Death Trooper. He even has some grenades on his belt. As stated before by another poster, the initial release of the deathtrooper had a bit of a lanky look. But much like with the Stormtrooper commander, this one looks a lot better once they add some extra gear to the figure.

Sergeant Jyn Erso in her Ground Crew Disguise, looks almost identical as the normal imperial groundcrew figure. But I like that she has a removable helmet (which she can hold in her hand), and that once again the rods can be attached to her back.

The Scarif Stormtrooper Captain looks like an underwhelming variation on the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader. But I don't mind having more variations of Stormtroopers in my collection. That said, he is the most boring of the bunch. But his head does swivel on a ball socket!

Admiral Raddus has an articulated jaw! Awesome! Yep, this is a pretty cool figure.

Lieutenant Sefla is an odd character choice to make a figure out of. But the quality on the figure is pretty good, and the helmet is removable. The helmet also easily gets lost. I like the ribbons on the side of the helmet that are of a soft plastic. There's a lot of cool detail in some of these figures.

Baze Malbus vs. Stormtrooper, I have mixed feelings about. There's something about Baze's face that looks not detailed enough, and his gun feels underwhelming in comparison to the one he had in the movie. The backpack is nice though, but I hate the slot-system that they use for some of these backpacks. Whenever a figure has this little trench in his back, the backpack just can't be attached very well. The Stormtrooper is identical to the same Stormtrooper that was released as a separate figure earlier, but without the detachable armor plate. This makes the figure looks a bit better than the loosely carded version, but I still feel like I have two nearly identical figures in my cabinet now.

The Jedha Revolt Pack, is simply amazing. And it is a crime that this is an exclusive. It's a pity that they included the same Jyn figure with it that was already sold as a separate figure. It is 100% the same figure. But the amazing other figures more than make up for that. The Imperial Hovertank Driver is cool, if a bit simple (he is basically the same mold as any of the Scarif figures, but with a different paint job). But the figures of Saw Gerrera and Edrio Two Tubes more than make up for it. I'm a little worried that Saw might get easily damaged in the hands of a child, due to all the detailed tubes, and the same goes for Edrio. But they are without a doubt some of the most detailed 3.75 figures in either the Rogue One or the TFA line.
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By Joosk
Just got my case of Wave 3 Rogue One figures.

Jyn (ground Crew)
Admiral Thrawn
Leia (Rebels)

Had to order this case from Brianstoys unfortunately they are out of stock now.
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By StooperZero
strangely , closest toys r'nt us was jam packed with that wave last month.

2 weeks ago .......... pegs are back to being filled with jyn's , almost like when the newer wave sold out they simply repacked the pegs with all those jyn's they've had forever hoping they'd sell.

that's called insanity.
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By GrandMoffHux14
Jodo wrote:HTS dropped the price on the RO Stormtroopers to $4, so I got 10 of them.

How much was shipping? I think I'm gonna get a few more of the Stormtroopers and finally get the Kylo and Rey form the Rogue One line...Was waiting for a clearance just like this to get them.
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