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After seeing the film, I'm curious if anyones interest has diminished in seeing more RO figures, especially core heroes? While I enjoyed the movie, I found that my interest dipped because of the way it was concluded. I have zero desire to see anymore outfits for core characters like Jyn or Cassian, and I have no interest in seeing any of the 5 POA get SA treatment. With a movie like TFA however, where we knew we'd be seeing the same characters again, my interest remained at a higher level - anyone in the same boat?
I kind of agree and disagree. I agree that I don't feel the need to get an SA Eadu costumes for Jyn or Cassian, though I like the outfits better after seeing the movie. But I'm happy with getting everyone in their main outfit... and maybe Jyn in the Ground Crew uniform. But, I want MORE background characters from this movie than I'd want from TFA, so that's where I'd disagree with not wanting a lot of figures.[…]

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