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By reverendstrone
There is still so much untapped figure potential in Rogue One. I am hoping that the 18 month gap between Solo and Ep IX may give Hasbro the time to go back and revisit R1, giving us some more new figures.

I'd love to see SA 3.75" figures of the Jedha Sandtroopers, with their unique backpacks, plus we need a reissue of the WM BS Shore Trooper. That one could use some variants for each of the different ranks, as well as n AT-ACT Driver repaint. They did it for 6", so it seems only fair us 3.75ers should expect some too, please. I'd army build all and any of those.

How about one of those barely glimpsed but super cool Jedha Camels, as well? Troopers need something to ride. :)

As others have mentioned, some Imperial Officers with their long coats would be most welcome, too.

I could make do with 5POA if that's all we can expect, but I'm desperate for more aliens, droids and other characters from Jedha, be they Partisans or just street scene extras. Again, there's so much potential, there. How about Weeteef, or the guy with the black biker scout mask, for starters? I'm just hungry for some fun. It seems these days the line is all about endless revisits of the same relatively dull (toyeticly speaking) human characters. Star Wars action figures used to be all about the cool monsters, troopers and droids: the kind of stuff that makes for fun toys and great dioramas. :)
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By darth_sidious
I'm honestly surprised Weeteef Cyu-Bee never made it into the lineup, considering there is a POP figure of him. He is the only one that really stands out for me when it comes to aliens - I'm satisfied overall with what Hasbro covered for the movie. I wonder if the interest will grow for RO characters as the years go by, because they didn't seem to be the biggest hit at retail, at least among kids.
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By YAK_Chewie
I personally think the Rogue One character potential for 3.75" figures is immense. Sure, kids might not have gone bonkers for the toys, but the same could be argued for TFA toys too.

Some of that may be due to over emphasis on core characters, which has ended up with horrible distribution. And where are the cool droids and aliens? Such wasted opportunity.

It doesn't help that the 5poa format has alienated a good percentage of the market (including kids, my son for example packed up his Star Wars toys about a month ago in favor of GI JOE... which are the only toys he wants for Christmas, because they are articulated. Problem is, nothing is in stores right now. Gotta pay hefty online prices... Just ordered him a 25th Cobra Stinger via eBay for $65 shipped, for example.

Anyways, I am hoping and kind of expecting a better representation of Rogue One in TVC... especially since I believe Hasbro wants to consider it part of the OT.

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By Trev
Yeah, I'm really hoping we haven't seen the last of Rogue One as well. The last wave of figures from the line were a mess. I think the only one I managed to pick up was Galen Erso. Like a lot of you have said, there's a lot of wasted character potential here. From some of the larger characters, though, I would've loved to see Saw Gerrera get a standard release outside of that box set (which I'll probably end up buying on clearance at some point anyways), and I wouldn't mind seeing Tarkin and Leia figures released, or at least Leia, since it's probably the best chance we have of getting a potentially decent Leia figure with her hood up. (Then again, if it isn't in the Black Series, it's still going to suffer from 5POA.)

Rogue One had a lot of great characters, though. It's a shame the distribution was so bad, though. I've seen more than enough Jyn (Jedha) figures, I'm ready for something else from this film. I hope it doesn't completely get the shaft. Jyn and Krennic were playable characters in Battlefront and have now been removed from Battlefront II (at least for now, rumor has it they'll be added back in later), and while that doesn't pertain to toys, I hope that's not one of many examples where people just kind of forget about Rogue One outside of the fan base, because it's such a great film.

Alright, rant over! :)
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By YAK_Chewie
I think a couple of Rogue One waves in TVC would be outstanding. With all the competing media right now, I know this won't happen, but just imagine!

Wave One
1x Death Trooper (TBS repack)
1x Cassian (TBS repack)
1x Krennic (new, standard appearance)
1x Baze (new)
1x Chirrut (new)
1x K2-S0 (new)
1x Stormtrooper (TVC Sandtooper sculpt, black wash)
1x Darth Vader (TBS ANH repack)
1x Saw Gerrera (new)
1x Galen Erso (new, Imperial uniform)
1x Jedha Rebel (new)
1x Admiral Raddus (new)

Wave Two
1x Shore Trooper (TBS repack)
1x Jyn (TBS repack)
1x Cassian (new, blue coat)
1x Jyn (new, child)
1x Galen Erso (new, farmer)
1x Bodhi Rook (new)
1x Hovertank driver (new)
1x Grand Moff Tarkin (new, not a fan of TVC version)
1x Cycyed Ock (new)
1x General Merrick (new)
1x Weeteef Cyubee (new)
1x Imperial Officer (new, Jedha trenchcoat)

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By reverendstrone
When I began collecting Star Wars figures two decades ago, it was because the line was so rich and deep. The promise of completing scenes full of exciting background aliens and other colourful fun got my imaginative juices flowing. Now the lines are relatively thin and in large part just main human characters. I yearn for that diversity again, when it actually seemed possible that we might get most of the barflies in the cantina or Jabba's goons. I look at Rogue One and TFA and see scenes that look every bit as full of fun (Jedha streets, Saw's hideout, Maz's castle, etc). We are in a different manufacturing age now and there's a very different market situation at retail, so it is unrealistic to expect everything we got in days past, but when I look at the pegs and what is on offer today, it just seems so dull for the most part. I need some surprising and fun background aliens. It doesn't matter if they are barely seen so long as they look cool. Most kids would have no idea who they were, but the Bane Malars and Rum Slegs of past years never warmed any pegs. I wish Hasbro found a way to give us more like them. Rogue One abounds in such characters.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, and I think that's really something that's missing now and a lot of why kids are losing interest... background aliens and droids are mysterious and intriguing, and spark creative play and Hasbro has gotten away from that. The toy line is far too cookie now; the majority of the 3.75" 5 POA line is not only dull in character selection, but also far too limited in articulation.

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By reverendstrone
As a kid, my favourites were always the aliens, droids and troopers. Maybe I was unusual, but they were intriguing in a way a regular human guy just wasn't, even if that guy was Luke Skywalker. I loved him in the films, but as far as toys went, I was much more interested in my mysterious Hammerhead Man figure. :D
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By darthvlad
reverendstrone wrote:As a kid, my favourites were always the aliens, droids and troopers. Maybe I was unusual...

Not at all. I bet most of us were interested in them. I mean that bounty hunter scene was one of the coolest and it was relatively brief with little conversation, yet we knew how badass these six characters were.
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By darth_sidious
I love aliens - my favorites as a kid were Yoda, Hammerhead, and Ree-Yees. I continue to enjoy them as a collector, and think the TLJ assortment is sorely missing them. I thought TFA and RO actually covered some great alien species though. RO specifically, had most of them in rebel uniforms, which threw off the background alien vibe though.
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By YAK_Chewie
As a kid, my memories more we're playing with Vader, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, Snowtroopers, rebel Hoth troopers and Zuckuss.

I think somehow I had 3 of Zuckuss so they were always protecting Jabba. And Jabba, Bib Fortuna and for some reason I have memories getting a lot of play out of my lone Ugnaught and the Imperial officer.

So it was a good mix, which I totally feel is missing today in 3.75" scale.

This is turning into a really fun conversation guys.

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By StooperZero

you're lucky.

My Vaders head fell off taking him out of the package and my obiwan fell out of my pocket and got ran over in my grandparents driveway ...

all on the same Christmas day.

I remember crying and my grandfather said.. well looks like he went fast.
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By Jodo
As a kid I was heavily focused on Imperials (and still am). I remember ALWAYS setting up a huge Star Destroyer with "Waffle Blocks." It looks like they're actually still in production:

Anyway, I would have my 3 or 4 Stormtroopers and Imperial officers inside that huge ship's tower, and my character was always Dash Rendar. He wasn't a named character in the trilogy, so I was always able to apply whatever personality I wanted to him, while still maintaining the core set of characters who he might encounter on his adventures. Not even going to lie...Sometimes he blew up the Star Destroyers, but he usually killed all the Rebels. :lol:

Mostly, the Jabba's Palace and cantina aliens were peripheral to me. They either helped the alliance somehow, or were "workers" inside the Star Destroyer. :shock: :|
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