Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope with this special collection of Hasbro figures

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By Kooshmeister
My Walmart just restocked Wave 2, but I can guarantee it won't last until payday, nor do I think it'll be restocked a second time (they only restocked Wave 1 once). Drat. :(
I had to run out and get some supplies for my Star Wars cards in South County (STL area), so I stopped by a few stores (TRU, V-Stock, Gamestop, and Saga Toys). TRU had tons of Vader, V-Stock had nothing, Gamestop had 1 Leia and Saga had nothing (Hasbro cancelled their order). I talked to the owner at Saga Toys and he's got an impressive amount of new product (new as in it wasn't in his store before, not new as in the latest TBS, 40th, etc). I didn't have a lot of time to search for things and came home empty handed.

So, again, a disappointment in terms of finding new product.
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By Jodo
Kooshmeister wrote:I actually want that. Walmart here hasn't got it, and there's one at GameStop, but they want $40+ for it. Dang, man, I just want a Darth Vader figure!

There are 12 out on the shelf here, and then three unopened cases of them on the riser...
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By Kooshmeister
There was a Chewbacca and a Jawa at Walmart, but they were gone when I went back last night, so I nabbed the only other figure there, a Death Squad Commander. I ended up returning him today because of a bad case of buyer's remorse (and remembering that I'm supposed to be watching my money). I think I'll limit my army builders to three from now on. So anyone in the Garner area, there's a Death Squad Commander with your name on 'im at the Walmart in the White Oak shopping center off Highway 42.
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By Kooshmeister
It seems someone else had buyer's remorse; I saw the Chewie on the pegs when I popped in to get some laundry detergent yesterday. No sign of the Death Squad Commander I returned. Maybe he found a home?
I'm kicking myself. I was at Hollywood Studios and saw all of wave 2 at one store in the morning. There were plenty of figures so I figured I'd wait until later so I wasn't carrying them around all day. Turns out it was only one case and tons of Jawas and Death Star Troopers.

I did get 9 BADs though.
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