Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope with this special collection of Hasbro figures

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By Jodo
Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:I'm kicking myself. I was at Hollywood Studios and saw all of wave 2 at one store in the morning. There were plenty of figures so I figured I'd wait until later so I wasn't carrying them around all day. Turns out it was only one case and tons of Jawas and Death Star Troopers.

I did get 9 BADs though.

Steve, I JUST thought about this. I don't know if they still do this, but if you make a purchase anywhere in a park I think you can have it sent to Guest Services, and before you leave you can just pick up all your bags on your way out.

Hope you're enjoying your trip!!!!
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By The Professor
I had a similar experience today, Jedimaster-c. I don't collect the 6" fugues and (although I bought a C-3PO from Walgreens on a whim once), but I saw several new 49th anniversary ones at FYE today. They had the Jawa, 3PO, and Death Squad Commander. I haven't been to the mall in months, so I was really surprised to see more collectibles than DVDs or CDs at FYE. Old media is dying away, unfortunately.
Darth Vlad's Clone wrote:Turns out it was only one case and tons of Jawas and Death Star Troopers.

I did get 9 BADs though.

I did pick up a Jawa and DST, so two off the list. Not sure what 6" figures we'll see for Force Friday... probably TLJ stuff before we get the Tusken or ERG.

While packing my BADs away for travel, I discovered to my horror that I goofed up on the black protocol droid and bought the LOM torso as well as put a RA torso on the LOM! The LOM is an easy fix, but I can't believe I wasn't attentive to the parts I was grabbing. I think I saw the circle on the LOM torso and figured it was a threepio piece. I was more concerned about the legs and arms matching to be honest. So, I might have to find someone going to Disney to help me straighten this out.

Otherwise, it's a fun thing to do. My nephew and I sat and built some droids together. There's only 4 seats so it got crowded as people are looking around. I didn't like that all the pieces are dumped by head, torso, R arm, L arm, R leg, L leg. I guess I expected to find trays for threepio heads, LOM heads, RA heads and server-droid head, etc. Disney Springs was worthless since it had parts for every droid, but no Threepio heads.
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By StooperZero
I dont get it..

well i do since it's hasbro.

you'd think they would have went crazy with product that they knew would sell out at a unprecedented rate... but no...

most stores here got maybe 1 - 2 cases of each wave.
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By StooperZero
most figures i saw at one spot was as second hand store cause the cards were smashed.

If hasbro was a basketball player, they'd be the water boy cause all they do is drop the ball.
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:I have wave 2 on order from BBTS to arrive Jan or Feb. Hate buying a whole damn case just for C3PO and the Stormtrooper.


Maybe I'll take the tusken off your hands... I forget the rest in the wave... Jawa, Chewie, DST.
By jorsupersid
FYE stores have been randomly getting in cases of wave 2

I've seen DOZENS of Han and R2 at Gamestop stores right now between 2 states. So these are being shipped in solid cases as was once rumored for "FALL 2017". Amazon has even dropped their prices if that is any indication.
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