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Well, it took a lot of squinting through a magnifying glass, but Rose's coveralls read


Kind of hard to decipher since some of the letters look very crude and there are actually mistakes. The "O" in officer is all wrong and the "L" in landing seems to be completely missing.

But there you go....!

(And I guess this was written on the outfit in a TFA extra, which I didn't realize until too late. Could have saved me a lot of trouble!)
YAK_Chewie wrote:Totally respect that! Just not how I collect... those figures look fun on display shelves, but just lack much beyond that (at least for me).


Yeah, I totally understand that. You also do quite a bit of modding on figures, so I can imagine more points of articulation are way better for that. Plus, you can't really pose the 5POA figures. So if you're also one of those collectors that likes building diorama's, I could see why you would prefer more POA's.

I just put all my 5POA figures on a shelve, and that's about it. :)
Got my hands on one Poe Dameron figure at a local Toys XL store, which was the one and only Last Jedi figure they had. Hell, it wasn't even neatly displayed. It had fallen off the rack, in between some left over TFA stuff. The store is still stocked up with tons of left over TFA and Rogue One figures.

When asked why they have only one figure from what should be a whole wave, the lady at the cash register said that they basically receive a box with a random assortment of stuff in it from their supplier. Seriously? They don't directly order a box of The Last Jedi figures? Its just something that may or may not be randomly included in a box full of other toys?! I'm starting to think the only reason they had a Last Jedi figure at all, was by accident.

Anyway, the figure itself is pretty good. Poe finally got a figure made of him that is of good quality, and actually looks like him. He comes with a holster for his gun, and the helmet is a separate accessory. The helmet even has a tiny plastic transparent visor, a detail lacking from previous fighter pilot figures. I'm very happy to see Hasbro has stepped up their quality for this wave.
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