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It does look awesome!! Now...Just so you know, the higher-ups at Yakety Yak may take this image down. I think Jayson has been treading in deep waters with Hasbro as it is with his leaks and teases (don't know that for a fact, just assuming) :mrgreen:
By Codaks
Excited about the A-Wing. Same source as before has an image of the Canto Bight Police speeder with officer... IMO not the best design, I was really hoping for something like an actual "car" looking speeder.

Once it hits clearance it might be good to strip down for some custom work. Need to see it in person tho...
Nice, CHEWIE! I only picked up Rey's speeder from TFA and none of the vehicles from Rogue One. I might have to pick this one up because it is so unusual. I was disappointed to see photos of the A-Wing and realize how small it actually is. I've never bought an A-Wing, and I don't think I'll start now. They honestly could have just used the Vintage mold (since I read that the ones in TLJ are supposedly leftovers from the Rebellion in new paint colors).
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By YAK_Chewie
Sounds like the planet these are on are from an older base - maybe Clone Wars era vehicles?

Either way, I think it's a cool idea as they are really trying to make this era of the good guys being in a similar boat to the rebels in the OT - having inferior weapons and resources than the bad guys.

I also like how these things scratch the surface of the planet to spew up the red sulfur-ish smoke.

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By StooperZero
I would have considered getting creative at self-checkout, but that's not worth the risk.

if you have a gullible enough 'assistant' at the self checkout they can override it and ring it up as "toys/misc" long as they have the real price.
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By YAK_Chewie
Also this pic of Poe that he took makes the figure look awful! I hope they are not that bad in person.


So much for solid plastic torso... that's defintely a split craplastic hollow torso.

He also wrote in with these details:

Yeah the figure is terrible. Hard to fit into the cockpit too. You have to ram the legs far into the underside of the panel, then slide him back lost laying down. The headset keeps falling off the whole time and isn't easy to realign once in the seat. His hands just sit there like the old x-wing since there's nothing to give him any idea of a look for piloting. Probably a better figure sitting in there would work, but there's still no control details. The handle has a trigger to fire missiles, and though it's decently designed to flow with the look of the ship, it's not correct to the movie.

I still want this vehicle, but that's disappointing to hear.


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