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By YAK_Chewie
Well, it seems like the vehicles are getting pretty stale at retail already in my area...

I did notice tonight that an area Walmart had put out the Force Link TIE Fighter:



The packaging looked very sharp, much better than the TFA version. If I was convinced that the wings on this thing were properl contructed (not flimsy), I'd probably pick one up! But it's hard to when so many of the previous version were on clearance for $10 range not too long ago and these could very well have a similar fate...?

I didn't see a price tag for them, and I didn't feel like walking around the store for a scanner.

By nighthawk
The wings are still warped. It might be hit or miss just like the TFA ones. My TFA one was relatively straight. However, someone posted pics on Rebelscum forums of how the new one looks and the wings are warped.
By Lance Quazar
What I find odd with this film's vehicle releases is that none of them really "go together."

The Ski Speeder isn't a spaceship and doesn't appear alongside any of the other vehicles in the line. Did it even really fight much in the movie? Seems like they were picked off from far away without ever actually accomplishing anything.

I guess the A-Wing sorta goes with the TIE Silencer, (though the A-Wing barely even appears) as does the X-Wing. But the Police Speeder also has no toy counterpart. I know Hasbro got out of the creatures game a while back, but it would have made sense to have a Fathier beast to play along with it.

It all feels pretty random and slapdash.
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By YAK_Chewie
Agreed... and this movie to me doesn't feel so "kid toy line friendly" to begin with.

Stormtroopers and resistance troops never clash. Stormtroopers really only even fire their weapons during the pretty goofy Finn/Rose battle sequence.

The walker scene was too short - we should have seen the ski speeders at least go in between their legs once, or something. Maybe somehow they at least land a shot on an AT-AT, at least. But no, we see none of that.

I also thought the Canto Bight scene could have been a lot better if there was a First Order presence there - have a Stormtrooper garrison there - something to really make the First Order seem bigger and badder. It's implied in the movie, but we don't really see it at all in the film.

And speaking of the A-Wing... I loved Tallie. I wish she had lived. She was absolutely adorable in the movie - would have made for a great love interest for Poe:


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