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By darthmac
I got the ROTJ 3 pack on Thursday. Now I normally detest the 5poa line but... the Emperor and the ERG are the best representations of those characters we have ever gotten. Yes the 4poa ERG is better than the TVC/BS version.

My biggest complaint with the emperor is the skin tone. It is far to healthy looking. I've put a grey wash over it to darken it and bring out some of the sculpting.
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By darthmac
The ERG needs to be released single carded, in solid case packs. I would buy a case no questions asked.
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By Imaculata

My order for the Rathtar & Bala-Tik finally came in... and it's not great. Bala-Tik has a very poor paint job, but the Rathtar is far worse. It looks just as bad in real life as it does in any pictures you've seen of the toy. But where it shines in awfulness, is the terrible way you need to snap all the tentacles onto the thing. The damn things just won't stay attached for a single second. As soon as you manage to attach one tentacle to the body, you inevitable bump into a previous one you just attached, and snap it off again. I got so frustrated with it, that I was tempted to just grab some superglue, and glue the things in place. How is any kid supposed to play with this stupid thing? All of the tentacles immediately detach the moment you touch them!
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By YAK_Chewie
I've read about issues with the Rathtar, but fortunately mine doesn't seem to have such an issue with the tentacles... Really had to push those things in tight though.

I do agree it's not very kid friendly and could totally see them popping out then all the time... Looks fun on a shelf though.

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By darthvlad
I got the BB 4-pack today for my BB rifle (Red Rider? 8) ) Kidding.

Nice set and I believe these are more to scale than that Hasbro pack-in from the Jakku Thugs set. I think I'm happy having these and being done with ST BB-units (wonder if the new ones will be better in the Rose disguise 3-pack). It's nice that there will be other BB-units in this movie. Honestly, there should have a bunch running around in TFA instead of one, but it's nice that they've rectified that for TLJ.

My two gripes (or wishes): I wish the heads weren't just a peg, but a double ball joint with room to move his head around like the Hasbro versions. Also, BB-4 is supposed to have the Rebel insignia on the ball, but this Disney version has a very simplistic insignia instead... Like a C with a dot above it. In all, I'm satisfied.
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By YAK_Chewie
My son wanted to experience some shopping madness last night, so we hit a few stores, bought some Christmas presents, etc.

Stumbled across a probe droid at Walmart, which was surprising... Bought it so my trio of probe droids is complete! I had been actively looking for another for a while.

Of note, didn't see many people looking at Star Wars stuff at TRU, Target or Walmart. Surprised there weren't more sales. Only place really doing much is Target with their vehicle sales.

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By Raylen
darthmac wrote:I got the ROTJ 3 pack on Thursday. Now I normally detest the 5poa line but... the Emperor and the ERG are the best representations of those characters we have ever gotten. Yes the 4poa ERG is better than the TVC/BS version.

I'd have to agree... to a point. Mainly that the problem with soft goods in a small scale is they have no weight and thus always have difficulty laying properly and not puffing out. If someone just needed a bunch of ERGs to stand there, this would be the ideal (and if ever single carded) most affordable way to go. Any pose beyond just standing around needs the VC/BS version.
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By GrandMoffHux14
Haven't been able to go on many toy tuns do to the busy holiday season and school but I'm looking forward to finding the ROTJ 3-pack. That set looks awesome for 5POA, I've seen many reports of the newest 5POA wave hitting too so I'll be keeping my eye out.
By Jedimaster-c
I was up in Tennessee this morning and found the ROTJ 3 pack at the Coolsprings Target. Didn't pick it up but that did have it. So its starting to show up.
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By Trev
I'm pretty much caught up on figures from The Last Jedi. I'm waiting for the set with Rose, BB-8, and BB-9E to show up in stores, and I'll buy Snoke in The Vintage Collection once he comes out, but other than that, I've bought most of them. (I think there's a two-pack with Finn and Phasma coming out that I'll buy, too.) I had a hell of a time finding Leia, though. I had to pre-order it for a higher price from someone on eBay. I will say that I think it's a really beautiful figure, though. I've been impressed with the majority of the figures from The Last Jedi, though. Luke and Leia are both fantastic.

I also bought a few 6" figures this time around. I bought the 6" Rey and Kylo Ren (Unmasked) figures from The Force Awakens right before Force Friday, and then picked up Rey, Luke, and Kylo Ren from The Last Jedi and think they're all great figures. I'm hoping we get a 6" Leia figure from The Last Jedi, too.
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By JawaKing
I found Luke Jedi Exile at Walmart so I picked it up. It is nice that it has pivot wrists, but seems weird that the boots are glued on. So is the hair, but that's OK. Odd for such simple, 2-color legs to have been molded in 2 parts each, with no articulation. If they just snapped together peg-style, the feet would at least rotate. Anyway, I bought it for custom fodder.
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