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By darth_sidious
Prices for the Elite Praetorian Guard & FO Executioner 2-pack w/Force Link (TRU exclusive) are starting to finally drop online, so I ordered one for $20 shipped, and used reward points to pay for it - hard to beat free! I have to be frank - I'm never paying full price for any of these exclusive multipacks again. The original MSRP is a total rip-off, the Force Link device is worth maybe $5 tops - it didn't even come with batteries, lol. I cant recall the last collectible I bought that required batteries, but is it the norm to exclude them?
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By YAK_Den
YAK_Chewie wrote:I opened the C'ai Threnalli figures last night, and wow - what a much better figure than I expected.

9 pts of articulation, with awesome pilot straps.. and one of Hasbro's best ever alien head sculpts.

I might need even more than I expected for customs.


You sure he has 9 points of articulation? The picture on EE doesn't seem like it does.
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By darth_sidious
9 POA for sure - head, shoulders, wrists, hips, and boots. I wonder if the folks that don't like 5 POA will like this a bit more - he really turned out great. He's now the best basic orange jumpsuited ST pilot figure in my opinion - the previous figures don't compare. The TLJ Poe was a nice upgrade compared to the awful TFA Poe - but Cai is the best - I hope they use this sculpt again if they do more pilot figures.
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By darthvlad
If anyone, specifically customizers, wants to clear out a few more Huxs, here's some reasons why (courtesy of Jesse James at Jedidefender):
Fun facts about Hux I’ve seen literally nobody point out...

1) he has a mousedroid you can use anywhere... ok everyone knows that one sorry.

2) his head is the ubiquitous army builder sized ball so he fits Rebel pilots, Hoth rebs and some other neck balls decently. He’s kinda generic looking too.

3) His coat has lines on the back cut to match the seams of his sleeves but did you know the coat is removable and those same seams are cut on the back of the figure with no gaps at the arm joint? IE: Hasbro intentionally made a Hux whose coat is removable if you wanted (I don’t think anyone noticed or cared to point it out really?🤷‍♂️).

4) Hux’s trench coat very nicely fits onto at least the old 2007 Death Star Trooper making a great coat clad black uniform imperial if you fancy something with some Rogue One/Solo imperial flare to it. Look neat with your Mimban Troopers imho.

5) TFA’s Hux head with hat swaps to TLJ Hux nicely so you can have Hux with hat on too both with and without his coat.

and from Muftak from JD:
I put Hux's coat on a Bala Tik figure and it looks pretty good.
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