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By EndorJunkie
Found Yoda and old Ben at Target today. I grabbed one of the 2 Yodas but left behind the one Ben that they had because his beard was painted on offset to the left. This Yoda figure is a great likeness and it's actually a pretty cool little figure, despite not having any leg articulation.
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By The Professor
That does look like a solid prequel era Yoda. I have one of the super-articulated ones from years ago, but the sculpted robe looks much better at this scale. I might have to pick him up (and Ben) just to play with the Force Link....
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By YAK_Chewie

^ Found those today at a Target in my area (Fenton). They still had two of Yoda after I left.

I've only opened Kenobi so far... I like it, but if they had found a way to conceal his t-crotch, I would love the figure.

It also seems as though they glued his hands in place to prevent articulation. I don't get why they make this decision to INTENTIONALLY reduce the play value.

Too bad.

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By Imaculata

While shopping for Halloween in another city, I stumbled on Hux and Kylo Ren. And just today I drove an hour by bicycle to a nearby village, to plunder their toystore. Got my hands on C3PO, Luke and Paige.

C3PO looks very similar to his TFA release, but there are differences. Of course he doesn't have the red arm, but the wiring on his torso is also different. Different (better) gold paint too. His pose seems almost identical though.

Paige is an amazingly detailed figure. Just like with Poe Dameron, there is stunning detail on the clothes, and the helmet is a separate accessory, with a transparent visor. She doesn't have a holster for her gun though.

Luke looks alright. His removable cloak is fantastic, I'm really fond of these soft rubber garments that you can easily clip around the figure's neck. He doesn't have any accessories though, and I don't think they got Mark Hamill's likeness entirely right. This could be one of those figures that is harder to get your hands on, but I'm not sure about that. There's usually one in each wave that is a little less abundant.

With Kylo Ren they finally nailed Adam Driver's face. The figure is without the mask (for that you'd need to get the Force Link starter set I think), and of course comes with his lightsaber and a soft rubber cloak that is removable.

Hux now doesn't have a cap, and he comes with a gun and a mouse droid. The mouse droid seems to be the same mold as the one that came with Galen Erso for Rogue One, but now the mouse droid is gray. His soft rubber coat is especially cool.
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By darth_sidious
Jedimaster-c wrote:What other figures are in this wave? I haven't been keeping up.

Ben and Yoda are shipping in an assortment with wave 1 repacks, so nothing else new. The next basic wave with new figures (Leia, etc) isn't due until the third week of October. Considering the next trailer comes out on the 9th, its pretty good timing, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them pop up early. Hopefully after the trailer, kids and collectors will help clear more peg space for the next assortment. I cant get over how much better TLJ basic figures are compared to TFA - they dropped the ball and cheaped out on some of the figures for that movie, glad they're fixing mistakes.
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By Imaculata
By the way, what would be the best thing to do if you only want one of each figure? With TFA I got at least a duplicate Rey and Finn, which I'd like to avoid now.

-There's the Elite Praetorian Guard and First Order Executioner exclusive set from Toys R Us, but I would have to wait a while for that. (end of December I think)


-There's the Rey (Jedi Training) and Elite Praetorian Guard two-pack, but this seems to be a different Elite Praetorian Guard from the one in the afore mentioned set. Different helmet, and different weapon too.


-There's the Mega Playset with Supreme Leader Snoke and Elite Praetorian Guard. Again, this seems to be a third variation of the Elite Praetorian Guard, with yet again a different weapon... and is the helmet different again too? It almost seems like it.


-And lastly there's the single carded version of Rey (Jedi Training), which I would want to skip if I'm buying the two-pack that also included the same Rey. (is there any difference in the accessories? Judging by the pictures, there doesn't seem to be.)

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By darth_sidious
Each of the guards sports a different helmet and weapon, which stinks because most of us will never own the version from the playset, nor that Snoke, unless they are repacked. The TBS 3.75 guard has the same helmet as the playset version though, so that is an alternative. As for Rey, the only difference is how they painted the face.
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By Imaculata
At least that makes it slightly easier to decide what to get, basically everything. The two Rey's may be the same version of Rey, but different paint jobs are a good reason to get both regardless.

Meanwhile Toys R Us over here is still overstocked with TFA pegwarmers. So many vehicles that didn't sell, and so many Constable Zuvios and Resistance Troopers. Dozens of Elite Speeder Bikes, Assault Walkers, First Order Snowspeeders, Desert landspeeders and Black X-wings. They can't get rid of the stuff from TFA and also Rogue One, and we're already nearing the third movie. This can't be a good deal for toy stores.
By RyanMan12
I found two resistance tech rose SA 3.75 inch figures at my local Walmart. I wonder if yak Jayson has found any of the other figures from wave 1
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By Imaculata
Found Finn today. He has a minor costume change, with a white shirt, blue pants, a belt, and boots. The weapon is also a new mold. At first glance he kinda looks the same as the TFA release, but it is definitely an all new figure. The weapon is a new mold too, and I feel they better captured the likeness of the actor when it comes to the face. Very happy to add him to the collection, and now I only need to get a hold of Chewbacca and Rey for this first wave. No sign of vehicles or 2-packs over in Dutch stores yet, although they have started popping up online. I guess I could order them if I was really impatient, but I think I'll wait till they inevitably end up in stores.


Here's a comparison shot of the Force Awakens Finn on the left, and the Last Jedi Finn on the right. You can also tell that they used a different skin tone for him, and slightly different colors for the jacket and weapon as well.


Today I also found Chewy. Again I made a comparison shot with the TFA Chewy on the left, and the Last Jedi Chewy on the right. The difference in detail is quite obvious, plus Chewy also has a slightly darker paint. One of the first things that happened upon taking Chewy out of the packaging, was that his bowcaster fell apart in three different pieces. I think these parts are supposed to be glued together in the factory, so is this a lone production error, or have others experienced the same thing? I also had quite a bit of trouble getting the new Chewy to hold his weapon. The weapon is not the same mold as the one from TFA. There are some very minor differences in the finer details of the weapon.
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By darth_sidious
WM restocked the TBS 3.75 TLJ wave, I picked up Luke and the Guard, they had multiples of each figure in the wave, but I skipped the other two. I think the basic Rose looks superior, and frankly the basic Luke looks better as well. Both the head and overall deco looks nicer on my basic version. I do like the Guard, but overall its another boring wave, as these characters / outfits are all represented in 5 POA as well.
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By Raylen
All my Walmarts appear to have gotten one case of the 3.75 SA figures and never restocked. Rose is peg warming at all of them. She's an excellent figure so i picked up a second to head swap at some point. Would like to grab a second Guard but I've seen exactly ONE which I bought. Paige is a great sculpt but I just can't stomach spending $8 on a 5 POA figure.
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