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By john1618
I live in Knoxville TN. One of the local Kroger had the first series out and on sale. They were 7.99. I got Luke, Rey, Kylo,Chewie, and Poe. I bought a couple extra to open and I gotta say these are nice figures.
By john1618
Wow Wal-Mart should be embarrassed. I went to two stores today and neither one had the new figures. Not only that but they were only scheduled to get 1 cases according to the department manager. Dies Hasbro even realize what they have with this property any more?
By trs55
walmarts should be getting their 6 inch stock tonight. but only a case per store. 3 walmarts- 1 case of 6 inch wv 1 at each store. 1 case each of the luke, 1st order executioner, praetorian guard, and rose. 2 stores had 1 case of the lando wave. so for 3 stores, I got 3 cases of wv 1 6 inch, 2 cases of the lando wave, and 3 cases of the wwalmart exclusive black series 3.75.
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By StooperZero
is that speeder worth $65??

only thign i didnt see.

I got a Hera today, only TLJ 6" they had was Rey and Kylo BUT so many Vaders.

Seriously half the area for 6" was all Vaders.
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By The Professor
I picked up some Cocoa Puffs and used the coupon and my $25 Target gift card from their promotion to pick up the Force Kink Band. Definitely a gimmick and very similar to the Comm Tech chip, it is nonetheless pretty cool.
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