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By Jodo
Has anyone seen any Last Jedi merchandise so far? I've seen some Halloween candy and some other things, but no Hasbro stuff yet.

I'm sure we'll all be rolling in stuff this weekend. :lol:
By john1618
I live in Knoxville TN. One of the local Kroger had the first series out and on sale. They were 7.99. I got Luke, Rey, Kylo,Chewie, and Poe. I bought a couple extra to open and I gotta say these are nice figures.
By john1618
Wow Wal-Mart should be embarrassed. I went to two stores today and neither one had the new figures. Not only that but they were only scheduled to get 1 cases according to the department manager. Dies Hasbro even realize what they have with this property any more?
By trs55
walmarts should be getting their 6 inch stock tonight. but only a case per store. 3 walmarts- 1 case of 6 inch wv 1 at each store. 1 case each of the luke, 1st order executioner, praetorian guard, and rose. 2 stores had 1 case of the lando wave. so for 3 stores, I got 3 cases of wv 1 6 inch, 2 cases of the lando wave, and 3 cases of the wwalmart exclusive black series 3.75.
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By StooperZero
is that speeder worth $65??

only thign i didnt see.

I got a Hera today, only TLJ 6" they had was Rey and Kylo BUT so many Vaders.

Seriously half the area for 6" was all Vaders.
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By The Professor
I picked up some Cocoa Puffs and used the coupon and my $25 Target gift card from their promotion to pick up the Force Kink Band. Definitely a gimmick and very similar to the Comm Tech chip, it is nonetheless pretty cool.
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