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By darth_sidious
Prices for the Elite Praetorian Guard & FO Executioner 2-pack w/Force Link (TRU exclusive) are starting to finally drop online, so I ordered one for $20 shipped, and used reward points to pay for it - hard to beat free! I have to be frank - I'm never paying full price for any of these exclusive multipacks again. The original MSRP is a total rip-off, the Force Link device is worth maybe $5 tops - it didn't even come with batteries, lol. I cant recall the last collectible I bought that required batteries, but is it the norm to exclude them?
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By YAK_Den
YAK_Chewie wrote:I opened the C'ai Threnalli figures last night, and wow - what a much better figure than I expected.

9 pts of articulation, with awesome pilot straps.. and one of Hasbro's best ever alien head sculpts.

I might need even more than I expected for customs.


You sure he has 9 points of articulation? The picture on EE doesn't seem like it does.
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By darth_sidious
9 POA for sure - head, shoulders, wrists, hips, and boots. I wonder if the folks that don't like 5 POA will like this a bit more - he really turned out great. He's now the best basic orange jumpsuited ST pilot figure in my opinion - the previous figures don't compare. The TLJ Poe was a nice upgrade compared to the awful TFA Poe - but Cai is the best - I hope they use this sculpt again if they do more pilot figures.
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