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By BrianBeck
Got up early to hit stores before work-2 Meijers, not even a reset being started, Walmart had no idea what I was talking about. went to a target at lunch, no idea what I was talking about.

went to another Target on my way home----Everything was there ! the dew back wampa enfys bike, all the two packs, all the carded figures (which don't work with the old force link) the mimbam trooper is cool. another target had a small end cap of stuff. Game stop I got hoth trooper (and spider man figures I was missing) another target had no idea what I was talking about, and my last Walmart just had all the SW stuff cleared out.

Rough start, but got 90+% of what I was after 8)
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By Starchaser
YAK_Chewie wrote:What area are you in? That's not too bad for a Target launch (all things considered).


I'm north of Seattle. My son would say, "not good, not bad, just fine." I'm pretty happy with it, especially if smaller case numbers means cycling through figures a bit faster.
By OC47151
First of all, I missed going out at midnight. It's just fun. Saved my running for the daylight hours on Friday.

Picked up BS Han, Lando, Range Trooper and two Death Star Troopers for $5 each at my local WM!!! They were still ringing up at the clearance price!!! The BS Han I bought at Target for $20 is going back.

Went back to the same WM this morning and picked up a Jawa for $5!

I hit about six WMs on Friday, and the results varied. Found some of the basic figures at some WMs and nothing, and I mean nada, at some of the others. Picked up Qi'ra and the Mimbun stormie. The WM five minutes from the house and the local Meijer still hasn't stocked.

Did get the Enyfs Nest speeder bike at Target. Only really seen the vehicle, wampa and rathtar at one Target.
By Cbrumby
The stores in Australia have been absolutely useless. I only managed to find these two items so far in a bargain basement toy store (Toyworld Express at Chadstone, Victoria). I think after the failure of moving stock with Force Awakens, stores had very little Last Jedi stock and now next to nothing for Solo....
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By Starchaser
Walmart stocked this morning. I picked up the Range Trooper and Mimban Stormtrooper that I missed on Friday at Target. The only thing I haven't seen yet is the Han Solo Landspeeder.
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By YAK_Chewie
Lucked out today and found a Q'ira and Mimban Stormtrooper at Target - was surprised the Mimban was left because all the Range Troopers were gone.

I also scored the Wampa and Enfys Nest with swoop. Will open them tonight.

It's been a rough and tiring month or so for me so glad to have these to cheer me up.

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By darth_sidious
YAK_Chewie wrote:They are about the same size! I consider these 3.75", personally but I think they might be closer to 6" scale. I guess the best way to tell would be compare them to a lightsaber...



Cool, I think I'll pick up a set if I spot them - are they available at mass retail?

I spotted the Solo line today, only picked up the Stormtrooper and Chewie. I didn't think I'd buy another Chewie figure, but I love this sculpt - I just have to find some goggles for him!
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