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By ImperialOfficer
YAK_Chewie wrote:I picked up Commander Pyre yesterday at Walmart.


I wanted the head and pauldron for a custom.


I might be interested in the body and gun if you have them for trade.
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By RebelSpy129
Received my wave 4 shipment from HTS over the holidays, was very disappointed in discovering that very little was done to secure its contents. This is a nightmare for the carded collector. Called HTS customer support and the best they could do was offer a return for a "similar" item, since L3-37 was out of stock... I declined, will take my chances to find at retail. Guess I have an L3 to open...
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By Jodo
That sucks. :( I don’t remember having too much luck with HTS packing their shipments very well in the past...Looks like they’re closing up shop temporarily though.
By scottmushroom
I scored a Target trooper 6 pack for $31. One of the Targets near me had one with damaged packaging that they had taped together and stuck in clearance as "repackage". As an out of box collector, this didnt bother me one bit!
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By YAK_Chewie
My local Target had these out tonight when I swung by there.


When I went to the register, they would not sell them. The security guard came by when the employee waved him down, and the guard said, "Street date is January 15. Come back for your toy tomorrow."

I laughed and said if they are going to follow street dates, then they shouldn't put the stock out yet. He turned his back and walked away.

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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah he wasn't too nice.

I went back this morning and picked up the droid set. He's really cool and very articulated. It's too bad Hasbro cheaped out on the other figures in the line.

The guy with dredlocks is okay... But what I do like is his helmet is a separate swapable head. I'll definitely find use for it with a custom!

By scottmushroom
The clearances continue! I thought I'd gotten a steal when I bought Han's speeder for $15 and the Enfys Swoop for $10. I saw Han's speeder for $7 and the Swoop for $5. I did get the smaller Falcon for $7 to finish a display with so it wasn't all a loss. These weren't in the regular Star Wars or clerance area, they were at the back of a random aisle near the bicylces so I have another place to check future sweeps. Maybe a Quay or L3 will surface!
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By YAK_Chewie
I ordered the Han/Chewbacca 2-pk from Walmart.com

Got them yesterday - pretty nice overall, though it really is apparent just how badly these figures need a little more articulation.. especially Han.

The cannon accessory is amazing... I might order another set or two because of it.

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