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By Jodo
Well, it looks like we are getting a tiny Falon, a new TIE with decent wings (but still not close to the BIG winged TIEs), Han's speeder that looks like a book, and a speeder bike set.

I'm holding my breath in the slightest, but If they would have made a retooled BMF for this, I would have hands down purchased it.

I can't wait to see what else starts leaking...Lord knows there won't be any official work on anything, especially after LFL said the official artwork that leaked was fake, year appears in all the marketing for the movie. It all makes me roll my eyes anymore, given there's so little fun in collecting right now.
I'm hoping we'll see the Patrol Trooper and speeder in a future wave of small vehicles. Since we're already getting "Nemesis Chariot and Nemesis", Luke with Wampa, and a repackaged Rathtar for wave one, I don't see there being 4 sets released in wave one. Hopefully I'm wrong though.
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By Trooper31
Han's speeder and the speeder bike could be cool, but I agree on the Falcon. This film is screaming BMF re-release, but I Disney told Hasbro not to go too big on the stand-alones.

Disney has forgotten, or maybe wants to forget what a great marketing magnet the OT really is. No, no, it's all about Rey and Kylo now.
I dig the simplicity of forms in all of the vehicle designs. It's very bold and has a 60s/70s vibe that, in my opinion, sits comfortably adjacent to the kind of industrial design that Joe Johnston was doing for the original trilogy. It also gives this film its own character or flavour, which I love.
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By Jodo
YAK_Chewie wrote:I want 2-3 each of the swoop, speeder and wampa.



I'll definitely get 2 or 3 of the Swoop. They will go well with the Barge maybe...

The Speeder is cool, but it has that same rubber feature that the old Anakin and Zam speeders had from AOTC. Though that will bring back instance memories, I'm gonna stick with one in case it deteriorates over time.

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