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I want some Mickey D's now cuz I'm loving it! :)

I tore an AT-ST apart to do a complete repaint and well the screws are still in the cup they have been in for the last 2 years.

I also wanted to repaint an AT DP.

I need to get on it.
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By YAK_Chewie
That would be cool. It could come with two of the Correlian hounds!

As for other vehicles from the movie, I really would like for them to make the AT-Hauler.


It could be downsized, as long as it could hold up the AT-DT, I think it would be cool. I also think a $100 AT-Hauler would have been a much better seller at retail than the $100 Falcon.

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By BoomTrooper
Cool comparison pics. Thats what I have been wanting to see. This new TIE really does look good, and I am kinda torn on getting one, or two. The price is the main factor. I have four ties already from previous runs. two POTF2 ones, and two TVC ones that were Target exclusives. So adding something in, that is a better design to a degree is a tough sell at this point.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thought my local Target had gotten in the new TIE the other day.


But upon closer inspection, nope. Some jackass had apparently bought some online and returned them to the store after doing a figure swap - or even worse. Could be First Order TIE fighter in there.


I took to customer service and they saw what I was talking about. Another employee walked by and observed, and said "This is happening to us all the time lately" and recently someone had done this with a stack of 6" Black Series figures at the same store and once they realized what had happened, the pulled them off the shelf.

They thanked me and apologized several times.

In most cases, I don't blame the store employees at all for this. It's a-hole collectors who are inconsiderate thieves.

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By Jodo
I freaking hate people. What a joke.

There are a lot of people who want to blame the employees for not knowing, but at the end of the day, only collectors or very astute employees would ever notice the difference. Most people have no idea which character is which, and don't care to know either, and that's not their fault. However, who ever keeps doing this is knowingly doing it, with purpose, to screw over the store, and then also the other collectors or parents who might end up picking them up later.

Stuff like this just makes my blood boil.
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By YAK_Chewie
My AT-DT's came in yesterday from https://megalopolis.toys/

I opened one of them so far. It's pretty nifty.


The walker is cool, not overly impressive but I love the variation of having this vs. just AT-ST's and the Rebels walker... decent articulation and once you get it standing, it holds its position very well. In other words, it's very sturdy.

There isn't much sitting room for the driver, but that's okay. I also think a Stormtrooper looks odd sitting there so I might make a custom driver.

Speaking of the trooper, I like it. Very solid for 5POA.


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