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I picked up Qi'ra and the landspeeder last night. Qi'ra is a perfectly nice looking figure.

The speeder is...a mixed bag, at best. It's huge. It's definitely OVER scaled to the film version.* The figures look damn tiny in that thing.

It has no wheels! Seriously, Hasbro, WTF is up with that? Why can't we actually, you know, DRIVE our land-based vehicle around like we could before? What a stunning miscalculation.

And then there's the action effect. While I admit it is kinda fun, a little, I guess....as an adult, I really have no interest in those "fun" features, but maybe kids like 'em? But, as discussed, it gives the front third of the vehicle that icky rubber from the AOTC speeders, which I HATED. My Zam speeder seemed to age a lot better than I know others did, but it's just gross to the touch, it collects dust and will probably look awful in a few years.

I dunno, part of me thinks I'll sell it loose on ebay for a song within a year. I do like the Solo figure, though, and the vest would be great for just about any original custom figure.

*I found it hilarious that the landspeeder and the falcon literally come in the exact same size box!
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By Jodo
I can't wait to see the Landspeeder in person when it arrives this weekend, but I have heard the boxes are about the same size at the ROTS Jedi Starfighter ones. That is ridiculous for non-Micromachines scale Falcon. :?

Again for this movie, I can't help but wonder what toys even jive up with one another. In TLJ, the Ski speeder had nothing to attack, and the police speeder had nothing to chase. The only major items that had any interaction was the A-Wing and Kylo's TIE. The incompatibility with the offerings remind me of when a Spiderman movie was released, and there were no villain toys, ONLY different versions of Spiderman. How stupid! If these are meant for children, it would take some effort for me to understand their play patterns.
Fortunately the soft and rubbery crumble-section is extremely simple in form and would be a very easy thing for any customizer with a modicum of skill to replace with something rigid, sacrificing the action feature. I will very likely do this with mine as it has only been a day it is already collecting dust.
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By YAK_Chewie
The AT-DT is now on ebay -





^ Well, that looks pretty damn awesome. I will get at least 2 of these - always interested in adding new walkers to the ranks. Let's just hope it stands up well without toppling over under its own weight.

I also wish it had the railing on the side... and the cannon could be more screen accurate, as well as the front armor plate... oh well. It's not like you even get a good look at these in the movie anyway (which was unfortunate). But new walkers are always enjoyable.

Retooled Mimban Stormtrooper included... now where's the Mud Trooper? I guess we'll know by SDCC what the plan is, if not sooner.

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By YAK_Chewie
StooperZero wrote:supposed to be 2 other vehicles released near the fall but they wont say exactly what yet.

Isn't the TIE fighter supposed to be one?

As for the other - I am hoping for an all new vehicle from Rogue One, TFA or TLJ because Hasbro doesn't seem to be able to touch the OT right now in the "kid geared lines."

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