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By YAK_Chewie
Came close today... these were on the shelf at Target:


It all rang up fine on the price scanners, so I thought I might get lucky - but denied at register.

The 12" Patrol Trooper did ring up, and at just $4.96 or something as it was in the system as the TLJ stuff apparently. A local friend of mine (Darth Stringfield) had the same thing happen to him at a different Target a couple days ago.

I hate street dates.

By BrianBeck
I got Tarkin, death star trooper,and 2 range troopers there yesterday with no problem.

ETA: I just got 2 more Range Troopers and another Tarkin at a different target.
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By Jedimaster-c
I scored Tarkin yesterday at Target with no problem. No Vintage collection yet. Walmart on the other hand really fears the force. These were taken at a few around Huntsville. To the folks find 5 dollar wave 16 figure keep in mind that most of us have to wait till next Friday.
By Jedimaster-c
Yeah, it is worrisome that Jyn is getting the VTC treatment but I hope the nostalgia factor with the card back might make here a more attractive buy then being in a plain Black series box.
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By darthvlad
Hit The same 5 stores I did the other day. The three Walmarts were a huge bust. Nothing at all on the shelves (some TLJ basic). Targets at least stocked stuff but it was picked over by the time I got there. Got island journey Rey and Porgs for my efforts. Saw another Tarkin, but he appeared to have crossed eyes as well.

I don't collect basic figures but they had 2 packs, mini Falcon, medium sized Falcon, speeders, Wampa(sorry, I missed your request, Justin), some vintage (didn't want those stragglers), the gauntlets, etc.

Looking for Qi'ra and 4-LOM and I'm done.
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'm out of town for work so expect to find nothing I want when I get back in town.


If you go to Walmart you get the same experience. Where are you at, Chewie? It felt like I was there.

EDIT: I've decided to be more selective of my purchases to save space. Focusing on Classic Trilogy mostly, mains for ST and PT (for 6") and new TVC figures
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By darthapathy
Not really interested in a lot of the stuff coming out (mainly the Wampa, probably TVC Hoth Rebel Trooper, and possibly Enfry's Nest and swoop) but I still like to look and see what there is. Stopped at a Target after work. What did they have? Nothing. No signs of anything new. However, the had several of the Solo POP back in entertainment.
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By Jodo
Well, I found everything I wanted on my list today...Because I ordered it from HTS, and got free shipping and 20% off.

Out of the 5 stores I went to this morning, not a single one had anything. TLJ midnight madness was a joke, and I swore to never attend another. Now I don't even want to visit the stores the day of release. Just what a freaking joke. As my girlfriend said "they're just toys," but at the same time, I wanted this to be a nice break from finishing my thesis. Instead, it was just more unwarranted frustration.
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By The Professor
Well, I went to one Target and one Walmart this afternoon and saw nothing, so I ordered the Wampa on Amazon. I guess I'll find everything else later.
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By YAK_Chewie
So my haul today was weak. I was out of town for a business trip, got in late this afternoon.

Walmart - nothing but one lone Dewback, bought it

Target - nothing but some 2-pks, 12", the Force Link set and Han's speeder, I also saw a couple TVC (Stormtrooper and Jyn), passed - might have bought the Stormtrooper but it had a hideous paint job - I bought Han's speeder and 2 of the Lando/Kessel guard sets

Gamestop - found a 6" Range Trooper and bought it

Didn't see any basic 3.75" figures. A guy at Walmart said they were probably stocking the aisle with new Star Wars and Jurassic World stuff Sunday or Monday. Who really knows.


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By EndorJunkie
Dismal, bleak, and just plain sad are what comes to mind when describing today's toy runs. Much like a lot of people experienced today, there was NO Solo product on the shelves at any of the stores I checked. The last Wal-Mart I checked showed they had stock on brickseek. At first I was given the "date locked speech" and "product won't be available for sale for a few more days" as the 20 some year old kid working in toys was actively stocking Jurassic World toys date stamped for the 16th! Fortunately, an assistant store manager was standing in electronics and overheard me telling the kid that today was the day product was supposed to come out and came over to help. I showed her the Hasbro product announcement and they both went to the back to check. About 20 minutes or so later they came out with 2 small boxes and she sent him over with them. One box was the new VC figures and the other was the new 2 packs. He very reluctantly opened the VC box for me and kept trying to steer me away from Snoke and the HRT and kept trying to push Kylo and the FO stormie on me! I left with Snoke and the HRT! While it was great to get my hands on these two figures, it was still disappointing not being able to find any other Solo product today. Hopefully product starts hitting stores better and everyone starts having better luck in the next few days!
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By Starchaser
The Walmart's in my area had nothing new. I visited two Targets today. Each got about two cases of "Solo" singles, two cases of Vintage and two cases of the two packs and small vehicles. No Han and speeder in sight anywhere. I hear your concern about Jyn, but the Vintage Jyns in my area were gone, even though the Black versions are still hanging around on clearance at Walmart. Maybe this packaging thing really means something to some people? By the time I got around all the stormtroopers were gone, but I got the things I was after. I'm pretty happy with the sculpt on the Kessel Guard and Enfys Nest. Oh...there were plenty of 6 inch too, but I stick to the original scale.
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