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By Imaculata
That's fast. Many of the websites where I usually order only have it as a preorder. I'm totally getting this though, those figures look fantastic.
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By ImperialOfficer
I got the 5poa han, chewie, qi'ra, and lando as well as some stands and a pit droid for only $10, Including shipping!
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By ImperialOfficer
darth_sidious wrote:Nice, where did you manage to find a deal like that?

Facebook. I'd bought from him before, and sometimes he will find stuff and offer it to me.
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By Jodo
I saw these yesterday as well. I'll pick one up eventually, but I just can't justify spending $30 on something that was only a background piece for such a brief scene.

Now if I could find some TVC Mimban Troopers, I'd probably be saying something otherwise...
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By darth_sidious
So the rumors are true - these are at retail! I hope they do a big retail push for this wave, considering its the best they have to offer for Solo in the basic line. Retailers also need a good variety for holiday shoppers, and the pegwarming Qira figures aren't going to cut it. ;) I'm most excited about Quay Tolsite - that's the type of figure that keeps me energized about collecting.
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By darth_sidious
Solo wave 4 made it to my local WM - the entire case was on the pegs. I only picked up Quay Tolsite, because I ordered the rest on HTS. Its such a solid wave - Hasbro did a good job with the case, but Quay should have been packed x2 instead a repack taking that extra slot. Considering he isn't likely to be carried forward or repacked, they shouldn't make such a great new figure / character HTF. Overall, I think Hasbro did a great job with the basic line for this movie - I would still like to see Therm Scissorpunch though!
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