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By MistaBinks
Hello boyos,

It’s been a mere six years since I last posted. Still a big Star Wars fan just cut back on collecting. Not enough display room, higher prices, and overall lower quality pushed me out. I am absolutely stoked about Solo though. This movie is made for me.

I don’t collect anymore but I have two nephews ages 6 and 8. I got the collecting bug for this film so I thought I would buy them the Solo assortment to satisfy the itch. Hit a few Walmart’s and Targets. To my dismay you can’t purchase a basic single carded Han or Lando.

-You can’t buy a basic carded Han Solo for a movie called Solo.

-You can’t buy a basic carded Lando played by arguably the highest trending entertainer in the game right now.

Wow. I know it’s tired to crap on Hasbro. So I won’t. But damn! There are these entire demographic(s) of Donald Glover fans who would have dropped 8 bucks for a Lando figure. Just to have it. People who have never purchased a Star Wars collectible in their life. Donald Glover is that popular right now. That two pack doesn’t fit their need though.

I’m just really disappointed. I bought a Chewbacca and Range Trooper for each of them. Passed on the Mimban Trooper. I’d would have purchased Qi’ra if there was a Han or Lando to group with her.
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By MistaBinks
Target has new displays up in the aisle between electronic and toys. The display had TVC, the nerf blasters, the speeder, the rahtars, but no basic carded Solo figures. Geez.
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