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By YAK_Chewie
I got a couple of these sets in the mail yesterday via https://megalopolis.toys/


Pretty cool set, all in all!

Rebolt - I like the design, something is cool about his hat and how it drapes down like a Twi'lek. He has articulated wrists too, but I don't like the t-crotch. If they had only made his coat more like Moloch's! Or like the Kessel guard.

Hound - Looks good, but the hips should have been ball sockets for a wider stance option. I also like his opening mouth but this isn't kid friendly since the jaw falls off easily. Not really a good design.

Cage - The cage for the hound might be the gem of the set. I don't know why I didn't snap a pic of it. You have to assemble it, but it's easy and it looks amazing.

There you go, my biased and minimal detailed review for the day. :lol:

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By darth_sidious
This looks like a cool set, its the last 2018 item I am trying to track down, but I'm having zero luck at retail. Wave 1 of the 2-packs are pegwarming everywhere I check - they overshipped that wave so heavily that there is no room for new assortments. Is anyone having luck online or at other retail stores @ the MSRP?
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