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By Paulskywalker
This picture has appeared on a lego site and is supposed to be the best voice in SW since Alec Guiness Cad Bane's ship The sleight of hand from the Clone Wars game, i'm betting we see it in the series.

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By Captain Pierce
I gotta say despite the let downs in the first season, the second season looks decent and hopefully it will be better than the first season but I guess we will see in October. :)
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By YAK_Jayson
The Clone Wars Season Two hits stores on DVD and BluRay October 26 (the same day as TFU2's release).

Head to for complete details.
By Grimace
season 2 was called Rise of the Bounty Hunters

except for Cad Bane, the first few we saw were friendly
it wasn't until the season finale that we saw some real action from the hunters
By Grimace
it seems that so far in season 3 lots of episodes are about girl power

I think that Aurra Sing got caught on purpose so she can be taken to Coruscant to help free Boba Fett
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