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So I was on the toilet pooping it up and reading the new issue of Star Wars Insider (with the Ventress Siths cover from apparently a new upcoming episodes of Clone Wars Cartoon Show, I couldn't say cause I had to cancel my cable and now I don't follow the show unfortunately), and I must say I would have dumped a load if I hadn't already been doing that, because the magazine says that the new clone wars cartoon show is predicated on a character who is a friend of Ventress, and he looks like Darth Maul and whoa it turns out the dude is actually Darth Maul's brother, and in fact he has been training with Maul, who was not killed by Kenobi after all but apparently survived in exile.

that's all the mag says but it says enough. so Maul survived! like in the one comic book I ready where Maul was just the upper torso and the bottom half was like a spider robot. I wonder if that's how they are going to play this. either way, it's pretty wild if you ask me. I hope it's true!
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