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By stroebel83
Count Dooku invites some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, including Cad Bane and a still-disguised Obi-Wan, to compete in a obstacle course known as "The Box", with involvement in the plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine as the reward for survival. After facing many challenges in the Box, Obi-Wan survives, along with Cad Bane and 4 other bounty hunters. Cad Bane is appointed by Dooku to lead the kidnap operation against Paplatine on Naboo.
By stroebel83
So I am glad they aren't going after Padme, but Palpatine..... really questions their lack of praredness when he gets captured pre-episode 3. It seems more like a serial where Palps is the damsel in distress....I think they needed to explore obi wan's internal struggle more, granted I'm still not buying his disguise, but there should be more conflict on his part....
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By Paulskywalker
An alright episode, the puzzles could have been better wasn't until the last room that it got good.

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