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By stroebel83
An aimless Asajj Ventress joins a team of bounty hunters under the leadership of young Boba Fett. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills, and the strength of Asajj's character.
By stroebel83
i think predictable to most, my kids were happily surprised. A fun direction for sure, kind of makes me sad though, i really liked the direction ventress went in the republic comics
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By The Professor
I LOVED how truly alien the planet felt. I LOVED the space station and the whale-like aliens. It felt very fresh, and I felt that they were way out in the middle of nowhere.
By stroebel83
Another arc that could have been a little longer, but it was nicely done. The ending was decently strong. I kind of want to see Boba and Bossk fallout.
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By Paulskywalker
Good episode, the Ninja type aliens were cool, as was Boba's helmet.

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