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By Paulskywalker
Live-Action TV Series to reveal the seedy side of Star Wars

The MTV Movies Blog has reported on some comments made by Steve Sansweet at New York's Comic Con where he talks about the Star Wars Live Action Series

If you thought the cantina in Mos Eisley was a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," well you'd better be cautious because an upcoming journey back to the "Star Wars" universe is going to reveal the "greasy, seamy underbelly of 'Star Wars.'"

That's what Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm's Director of Fan Relations, revealed to MTV News at New York's Comic Con yesterday about the much anticipated live-action "Star Wars" TV show in development. Confirming that the show will "involve some characters we know" along with new creations, Sansweet said the show would be “of epic scale.â€
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By jedistyle
nice! :)

i liks the grity scumy side of starwars, it certainly opens all sorts of doors to go a thousand different directions with plot lines.

thanks for the info paul........
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By MistaBinks
Not to sound too worried but I will believe a "greasy, seamy underbelly of 'Star Wars" when I actually see it - and I hope I do. I am not optimistic because the animated Clone Wars were supposed to be Star Wars meets Band of Brothers and yet we got Stinky, chatty Battle Droids, and a gay Hutt :lol:

Lets hope for a grittier tone for the live action series :!:
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By Paulskywalker
I don't think it was supposed tp be like Band of brothers it's a kids movie. I wonder if Ziro the Hutt will be in the live action series?
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By MistaBinks
Paulskywalker wrote:I don't think it was supposed tp be like Band of brothers it's a kids movie.

Actually it was. This is an exact quite from a Fox News interview with George Lucas.

[quote]“It’s like ‘Band of Brothers’ in space, with Jedi,â€
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By Drewton
400 episodes of bounty hunters, cantinas, podracing, scum, and villainy, no Jedi, no lightsabers, no Darth Vader, no Luke, and no Obi-Wan. Sounds exciting.

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