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Would it actually be a success if it was to happen?

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Postby Captain Pierce » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:00 pm

I am Totally onboard with you Raziel when you said "What has the clone wars given us in terms of story & info about characters and events?" I will seriously agree that the clone wars is crap in a way as well as good in a way i mean they take the good guy bad guy thing a little far, Clones are not invincible they bleed, hurt, die, But in this show they just hurt and are either motionless or you hear a slight ahh instead of them actually being shown dying.... And none of the characters are most of what they should be, Events- I couldn't be less bored...... But this show is not without its good points its new, its funny and fun, its just enjoyable for all no matter in some way...
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Postby raziel » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:49 pm

:lol: Its the McDonalds of starwars . ...

It looks great & is packaged well, smells great & when your experiencing it your totally happy then ....
your still hungry & now you need a drink :lol:

I guess we can only see, I saw the fan film Revelations a long time ago & although it was kinda stiff it was really dark & seedy.

That is what the live series should be . . .
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Re: Would it actually be a success if it was to happen?

Postby jaybo1973 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:52 am

Hi guys

I really hope this works but I am not building my hopes up. I am a fan from day one, although I cant remember first seeing 'Star Wars' (as it was) at the cinema as I was only 4, i clearly remember seeing the ESB ROTJ double bill there. I have been a life long fan ever since of the OT. The PT really dissopointed me and it still offends me today in many respects especially Jar Jar and the battle droids (roger roger, god it winds me up in places). Yeah, I know it is aimed at a younger audience but so was the OT at the time and it is still fantastic for any age group. Clone Wars is Ok for the younger audience too and I am sure my kids will love it when they get older.

Back to the point, if this is to work, it needs to be more like the OT and alot of the EU stuff. I especially like 'The tales of.....' short story novels and if the series is like these, I am sure they will be a success. I think George should get some of the EU writes on board. If the rumors are correct, it certainly sounds like it will go more down this route. Like I said, I am not building my hopes up, the years that I looked forward to EP 1, I was gutted when I saw it!
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Re: Would it actually be a success if it was to happen?

Postby GlutisBaximus » Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:41 pm

I'm really liking the new show's concept. I like that it's taking place between ROTS and ANH, but kinda wish that after that story is done, I wanna see after ROTJ and before TPM. Hopefully they use the Original Trilogy technology, models, puppets, green screen, etc. Sure use CGI, but keep it simple. I honestly cannot wait for the new series. And new series=new toys. :D
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