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By YAK_Den

Hasbro is making Marvel Figures at the Star Wars Scale!!! I saw these tonight and finally have a Gambit that can play with my Star Wars toys! YAY FOR MARVEL LOVE! I've been waiting for this day in forever!!!

Discuss MARVEL toys in this thread here!!!

Show your appreciation!

*PS: It sucks they are the same price as SW Figs though! UGH to the $8.00 price tag!!! WAAAH!
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By TB9153
i bought Bullseye first. :D i was really surprised with these guys.
Then i got Deadpool and yellow and blue wolverine from the wolverine line. the hand solders look sweet! but whats up with both mrs. marvels? oh yea have you seen the Punisher yet? :lol: looking forward to cap!
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By JediJman
I love these figs – too bad they are just a smidge bigger than the SW figs. I’m mainly just grabbing the Avengers. So far, I picked up the following:

- Captain America
- Iron Man Gold/Red
- Iron Man Stealth
- Ronin
- Black Panther
- Blue/Yellow Wolverine (X-Men Line)
- Deadpool (Not an Avenger, but possibly one of the coolest Marvel Heroes ever, so I had to get him!)

I hear wave 3 has already hit, so I’m trying to find both versions of Ms. Marvel and the 80’s Suit Iron Man as well.

If anyone’s interested, here are my Fury Files as well to decode more online content:

Ronin: X7W-T5W6-KJD
Captain America: H2J-D45W-D65
Human Torch: KJ5-6KL8-FK5
Stealth Iron Man: 597-4FWT-8NM
Iron Man: 5H2-5T6C-T92
Black Panther: G49-6G67-7RL
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, I've considered buying some of these, but I just don't like the style a whole lot... they're too muscular. About three weeks ago, my Walmart stores got in a TON of these. They sold through really damn fast.

I did pick up a few of the Wolverine movie figure for customs a few weeks ago though, which really are in the same style as these other Marvel figures... and Wal-Mart has two premium figures in this line that are $12 each, which I think is a ripoff.

By zedhatch
I have picked up a bunch but am slowing down due to the price ($8.50 at wally mart ouch).

It does look like typical Hasbro though with lots of wolverine, Iron man, and Spidey coming down the pike (at least from the rumor lists). At least Iron Man has a lot of different Armors but Spidey and Wolvie can only be carried so far.

As for the figs they are a mixed bag, some are great (Spider-Man, Cap, Wolverine) some are good but not so great (Black Panther, Iron Man) and some leave me scratching my head as to what they are doing in the same line as the above (Punisher, Torch, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist).

The Wolvie movie line I only got the "other" Comic version of characters (deadpool, Maverick, Gambit ect) as there are just too many wolvies (I mean I know he is the star and all but didn't they learn anything from Indy last year?

I only picked up movie versions of Sabretooth (He was at least interesting) and Deadpool (same as above).

Been very much picking and choseing in this line.
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By StooperZero
If I get one I'm getting a Yellow/blue Wolverine.

I'm Waiting Until the 3 3/4" Terminators hit the shelves :D :D :D

I'm snagging every one I can.
By zedhatch
Yeah I have been picking them up :wink:

Some are great and some I just scratch my head. but overall cool. this last wave has been the best so far (moon knight)
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By JediJman
I've picked up about a dozen or so of these:

Iron Man S1 Reg
Iron Man S2 Variant
Deadpool (Wolvie line)
Captain America
Black Panther
Flame on Torch
Yellow/Blue Wolvie (Wolvie line)
80's Iron Man
Classic Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel Modern
...and Moon Knight! I have only seen him once. I happened to hit a Wal-Mart in my area as they were restocking and pulled a fresh case off the pallet. Was shocked to find MK in there - I have never seen him outside of that.

SDCC showed some really nice renditions of Thor and (finally) a Hawkeye for this line - very nice additions. I'm not buying the comic sets for the most part, but will likely get the Iron Man and Spiderwoman set. Magneto is tempting as well from the photos.
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By TB9153
YAK_Chewie wrote:I haven't been buying them, but they are pretty nifty.

Moon Night... I think I've seen him in stores a couple times. If I run across another do you want me to pick it up for you?


if you would be so kind :D that would rule. ive searched this town over and over and cant find him anywhere.
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By TB9153
yea there are a few bombs but for the most part i really like them. ive grabbed
red hulk
wolverine (blue & yeallo)- movie line
deadpool -movie line
ultimate captain america
green goblin
captain america / klaw -comic pack
spider-man/thunderball - comic pack
cant wait for thor!
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By Darth Wolven
TB9153 wrote:Image

HA HA. Seriously though, that Spiderman looks very very good. I've been wanting a decent Spiderman for years now. It's a pity that he does'nt have quite the same amount of articulation as the current Star Wars figures. :wink:

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