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By zedhatch
No, there is a new female mold though. The upcoming GI Joe movie Jinx may just be what you are asking for though, she is hooded and the bod is pretty functional. There is an SDCC set of Jinx's too but we all know how those go.
By stroebel83
grabbed gambit and Mr. Sinister x2 today
that was impulsive
I kind of wanted a gambit for his coat and scarf, then I though I might want one to keep intact
the sinsisters, no idea, maybe fodder, maybe trades
By stroebel83
I'm starting to see more of those. very cool figure.
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By YAK_Chewie
I know we don't have a huge Marvel fanbase here (I personally don't collect these things) - but I just have to shake my head at Hasbro's approach with the Iron Man lines.

First, they decide with the second film to go all out in 3.75" - but with virtually the same character over and over in a billion suits! What's up with that? Why not a Tony Stark in business outfit? Or a Pepper Potts figure? Or Scarlett Johansson figure? They shot themselves in the foot with their poor choice of variety... there WAS variety, but not a good mix at all.

Fast forward to Iron Man 3, and they decided to go with a similar idea of "variety" - only NO VILLAIN in the line, and reduced articulation.

Result? No adult collectors cared, and neither did kids. You can now find this line en masse at Five Below for $2.50 a pop.



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By StooperZero
all our discount stores are jam packed with the stupid IM 2/3 figures.. all at a discounted price of $7 :evil:

I only ever saw 1 Whiplash in person . They made a bunch of villains in the IM2 line BUT .. in hasbro fashion, Distribution SUCKED.. 100 different IM/war machines on the pegs for maybe 1 or 2 silver crimson dynamos or titanium man.

Had better toys in my happy meal when I was a kid.
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By Paulskywalker
It's the same here in the UK, IM2 figures everywhere you look still.
By theArchivist
So, I have been cataloging all the Marvel 1:18 scale figures. I still have some Marvel Universe to enter into the Archive but if there was any doubt Hasbro made too many Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, or Spider Man here is their proof

Iron Man = 123 figures
Captain America = 55 figures
Wolverine = 37 figures
Spider-Man = 110 figures

So out of the about 860 figures in the modern Marvel lines those 4 characters make up about 35% of them...
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By YAK_Chewie
I still don't collect this stuff, and never will (hate overly muscular figures - the only figures of this nature I bought any of were from the Captain America movie because they were more realistic)... anyways, I saw these at Walmart last week. Just now got around to uploading pics.



Not too bad - price was $19.97 or something like that. I passed, but makes me really miss the Hasbro comic pack sets in the Star Wars line. I hope they bring those back. It could even be characters from video games - doesn't have to be from comics.


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