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By DanOfTheDead
Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when I finally saw them, though I think they were $19.99. Unbelievable. McFarlane chose a really odd scale for these and Halo...

Putting Rick back on the peg was one of the most disappointing toy moments of my life. :P Odd scale, unacceptable price. I've been collecting TWD since issue one and you missed me as a customer. Your toy line FAILED. :P
By zedhatch
I found rick at a Flea market for $12, talked the guy down to $10 and snagged him. At that price I like it, but not $17, no way.
By stroebel83
saw these but passed, Daryl's right arm looks weird
By zedhatch
YAK_Chewie wrote:Wal-Mart is now carrying figures - for a cheap $11.96


Just Wave 2 (TV series) or are the comic ones there too?
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By Incom
Oh yeah.... that Well Zombie.... great scene to watch while eating a couple of pizza slices...

While the details on these figures is pretty amazing, I find the lack of articulation below the waist disturbing.
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