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By stroebel83
very cool looking, blows me away we can't get a death star in these dimensions
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By Paulskywalker
What are Playmates thinking everyone knows playsets don't sell.... :lol:

I reckon this would make a good SW droid, Remove Krang and paint the tenticles on the arm.

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By YAK_Chewie
It always gets me when there are discussions about how Hasbro is failing these days, and you see people defend Hasbro in saying that kids don't care about action figures, they just like video games. Well, it's true that there's competition for kids' attention, but that's been going on for a couple decades now at least.

Anyways - I am seeing TMNT figures things selling like CRAZY right now... guess the kids at school are talking about them because suddenly my son wants some.

We went by a Kmart last weekend, which had a pretty full stock - I'd say around 30 figures. He wanted some, but I didn't get him any. He had just gotten some LEGO stuff recently. But with my daughter's birthday coming up, I went back a few days later to grab a couple - and only 5 figures were left! Dang! I bought him Shredder and Rafael.

I have also seen, when I am in the action figure aisle at Wal-Mart, kids hovering around the TMNT figures - and really being interested in them. Heck, why not? They are pretty cool, have a fun show supporting them... and have NICE ARTICULATION and ARE A NICE BUY AROUND $8-$9 each - funny how Playmates can deliver these for CHEAPER than Hasbro's figures yet they use much less plastic. And oh yeah - they also have a HUGE PLAYSET in this line. That's funny too.

Anyway - while at Target today, I snapped a pic. And right after that, a lady said, "Excuse me," as she proceeded to put two figures in her cart.


Hasbro has lost kids right now. Too bad nearly all their 2013 product is aimed at a market that doesn't care about their line. Hasbro should be catering to the adult market until the sequels hit, and focusing on Rebels for kids in the meantime.

By zedhatch
I'm not seeing kids at all in the toy lanes, but I do see a bunch of 30-somethings headed to the TMNT which fits because that would have been the crowd for them. I think playmates is getting it on two levels if the kids are involved.

I noticed with their Thundercats line (and the Power Rangers as well) that they did a pretty decent level of articulation and sculpting in 1:18th scale without the inflated prices (they were around $6 while Hasbro was handing out prices of $8-$10) Power Rangers still sit at that $6 range the last time I checked which wasn't that long ago.
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By darthcrassus
I agree. And Playmates is also doing the collectors like right. Rather than trying to create a whole new line for collectors and throw in crummy paint applications, Playmates is releasing a handful of collector figures with high articulation and great paint work. The 4 turtles are some of my favorites and I can't wait for Bebop and Rocksteady later this year!
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By raptorbandito
I love the TMNT stuff. The playset is huge and a ton of fun. It would be so easy for Hasbro to do something similar but as a Death Star theme.

I can also confirm, that at least in my area, the TMNT stuff sells out faster than any other action figures.
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By Paulskywalker
I've been saying all this for ages and used TMNT as an example in the past, but i just get shot down by collectors. This just shows Hasbro as liars with their excuses, all they want to do is create a product cheaply as possible with a high retail price to fill the bosses pockets.
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By darthcrassus
In Hasbro's defense, the minute detail and paint apps in the Star Wars 3 3/4'' line are a step up above TMNT figures. The TMNT characters typically have bold colors and not much detail, so it's not really surprising that they're easier to make. So I could imagine that SW figures are just tougher and cost more.

But that doesn't justify Hasbro's statements that kids just want stiff figures with no articulation and lousy paint apps. It also doesn't justify the lack of playsets.
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By Paulskywalker
I doubt that the paint apps are that much different when producing them, other than TMNT have better paint jobs.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think Hasbro's figures often have better paint apps than these actually...

BUT - what aggravates me is Hasbro's direction to go cheaper with $5-$6 figures with such reduced playability, and their inability to produce playsets. And I think $10 for most of their figures just isn't justified. Especially for the Movie Heroes and Clone Wars from 2012 - they really abused the license with that. Now they are in total defensive mode. And it's not working.

On playsets, the problem with Hasbro has been their inability to create good ones.

It's time for ONE line of Star Wars figures again. About $8 a pop would be fine - and integrate NEW figures into the line. 75% of the figures should be NEW sculpts, and the only repacks should be of QUALITY figures. Oh - and go back to the ORIGINAL TRILOGY for most of this stuff. The market is sick and tired of prequels and Clone Wars right now.

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