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Excellent news, i hope they also go back to the other stories too. I liked the LOTOR figures, but i only got the odd one with not having much money at the time.
If it is anything like the old line there is going to be some good stuff. Who knows at this scale, some playsets?
Yeah if a Weathertop or Mines of Moria playset came out and did well, Hasbro would still say they don't work.
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By YAK_Chewie
Apparently, BBTS had some listings, but I can't find them. I saw that Brian at JD posted this from a previous BBTS listing...?

3.75 Scale
Bilbo Baggins
Thorin Oakenshield

Figure 2 Pack - Bilbo and Gollum
Figure 2 Pack - Legolas and Tauriel
Figure 2 Pack - Fili and Kili
Figure 2 Pack - Balin and Dwalin

Collector Pack - Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili
Beast Pack - Fimbul Orc with Warg
Beast Pack - Goblin King with Thorin
Deluxe Battle Pack - Gandalf and Bolg
Goblin King Battle Playset

AWESOME!!! i've not read the Hobbit, hence the LOTOR suggstions earlier, but any idea what this playset may entail? It better be as brilliant as it sounds. Figure choices sound good and beast packs excellent!!
By stroebel83
the wife will slay me
time to graduate and get a job
By zedhatch
Very hard to say what the playset might be, but hey, it's a playset.

Seriously, never read the Hobbit, I thought that was required reading before anyone turned 12 LOL.

Read it, great book.
By stroebel83
it is a great book and it doesn't take long to read
Thats quite a cool picture, i'm sure the Movie version will be even better :)

Oh also if the Goblin King is a big fat figure i can see customisers using it for Gamorreans.
Yikes! I'm nearly as big a Tolkien fan as I am a Star Wars fan. This line will be hard to pass up. I have the entire Fellowship as well as a few other characters from LOTR's original line. Too bad they won't match up. But, I could make some dioramas for this scale...
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