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By YAK_Chewie
With news that Kmarts are clearing these out, I went on another run... and found a huge display of them... and they were not near the regular toy aisle at all... really BAD location for these Kmart; no wonder you weren't selling them.

Anyways, they are really clearing these out cheap...

3.75" figures - $2 each
3.75" 2-pks - $4 each
6" figures - $4 each
Warg Beasts - $5 each

I bought a couple goblins, a Gandalf, a Warg and a couple of the 2-pks. I would have bought more, but I'm low on money right now.

By zedhatch
They did a couple of "huh" repacks like that, which I hope do not get repeated in the next set. I still never got everything I wanted from that line but got a great deal that I did want. I'm hopeing Smaug makes it this year somehow but not holding my breath
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By YAK_Chewie
I really hope the line does better with Wave 2... seems the first wave didn't do quite as good as they probably hoped? More villains/etc should help... I also think they need to make a figure of Saromon... any chance they can "borrow" from the first trilogy, they need to do that as much as possible. I know they did with Legolas but that figure's face sculpt was kind of weak.

Went to a store here called Home Bargains, they had loads of Hobbit figures in. I got Thorin and the Goblin King for £6 ($8.91), Kili/Fili, Bilbo/Gollum and and Dwalin/Balin sets for £3.99 ($5.29) each. The Goblin King is just brilliant, amazing articulation like the other figures. Love all the weapons you get. Just need to find Gandalf/Bolg and Grinnah then i'll have completed the first wave.

Hope when they make Smaug he's just as awesome.
if anyone near a Home Bargains in the uk, best to check them out,
the goblin king set is £5.99 and the figures are 99p. and the double packs are £2.99 and the 3 packs are £3.99 i think lol, very cheep :D

Nice!! What a great gift!

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