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Saw the 3 3/4inch figures today in TRU for the first time, but strangely it was a 3 figure gift pack i've not seen shown online, it had Gandalf, the Red clothed Dwarf and the female Elf.
I'm assuming that too, they wanted £22.99 for it so nothing special about the price. I should of took a picture but didn't think till i had left the store. I have to say the figure look awesome in person, can't wait for them to come out properly.
By stroebel83
YAK_Chewie wrote:Anyone bought the Goblin King yet, if so what are your thoughts after opening him?


I have him. He is huge and cool. I like the articulation, but I am worried about how he looks when he sits. I also hate the overall design. I may like him more if he had a throne or something besides thorin
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By YAK_Chewie
I have not been able to see the movie yet, which is killing me.

But, I've bought all the figures, except for one of the 2-pks. I haven't seen TRU stock any of this stuff really since December... hope they get some more in?

I do like the Goblin King figure, but I also agree the design of the character is a bit weird. Overall though, very cool and I'm glad they made him.

Today I bought two more of the Grinnah Goblin figure - making my total up to 3 of him. Since there's a lot of Goblins in the movie I figured he kind of serves as an army builder.

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By jedistyle
nice, ive never seen any goblin figures let alone the goblin king...ive seen all the humans and elves and hobbitts and dawrfs, but i have yet to pick up any..i tried once but it was in december so the lines where rediculous and i gave up and put everything back...i may try to pick up some of these again soon...especially gandalfs.
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By YAK_Chewie
I saw the movie on Saturday, with my son and my dad - was a great experience, it's the first time the three of us went to a movie together!

I liked the movie quite a bit (though I thought the Goblin King lair was a bit overdone, and the fight was a bit silly - no way they would have all survived that). But overall, I think I'd give it 3/4 stars. It was very entertaining and I loved almost every aspect of it.

Now I really want them to make more figures! A Necromancer, Sauramon, Elrond, Galadriel, White Orc, the Brown Wizard and his bunny sled, more orcs, the fat dwarf, etc... I'd also like to see a horse or two and the Mountain Trolls!

I'm really glad the two of you enjoyed the film. CHEWIE, it's awesome that you had an inter-generational experience. I went to a movie with my dad and grandfather a few months before he died, and it is a special memory for me. I'm a big fan of Tolkien, second only to Lucas by maybe a hair; or, maybe he's first. Either way, I'm glad to see some love for "The Hobbit"!
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