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By Jodo
Was that the scale of the army guy with the I-Rex? I thought he looked bigger than that, which I guess makes me....Impressed? I'm not for sure if I should feel any positive vibes towards 1.5 inch 5 POA figures. :lol:
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By Paulskywalker
Got my first Jurassic World set yesterday. The Lego Stores have got their sets out, so i got the Raptor Escape set. Had 55 quid on my VIP card and got Anakins Figther too, so made it sweeter.

The set is so cool, two of Owen's raptors, a guy called Barry and a vet, buggy and the raptor paddock. Which has a cool working door, collapsing tower and a feeding station. Love it, can't wait to get the rest.

Would have been more excited for the Hasbro stuff when it comes if they hadn't messed with the human figures. The last time the human figures were cool was with JP 1 and JP TLW, and that was when Kenner still existed....

So glad to have restarted my JP collection. :D
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By Jodo
That's awesome! I saw the dinosaurs and Lego sets in stores a few days ago, and though I wasn't specifically impressed with the toys, the Lego sets were amazing. We need pics. man!!!
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By Paulskywalker
Okey doke, will try to take some.
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By YAK_Chewie
His birthday is today, but we gave him some early presents yesterday - all JP toys. The T-Rex, Stegoceratops and Ankylosaurus. He had a ton of fun playing with these last night. He ended up getting some Joe troopers and having a big battle. Good to see. And for the price, these are some really good toys... the T-Rex is only $15.94 at Walmart!

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By Jodo
I know Chewie went to see Jurassic World, but has anyone else?

As a kid I absolutely loved Jurassic Park, and thanks to my grandma and grandpa I had several of each dinosaur. My grandpa even made me extra perimeter fence, cages, and gates for my own park. This movie has definitely rekindled that same feeling I had a little kid. Of course, as soon as my girlfriend and I saw it I wanted to run out and get the $30 I-Rex (which I might honestly still do). I did however visit Best Buy and convince the Samsung worker to give me a few park maps, and card packs, and I also got my scanbands from Target, which are decent replicas of the JW "magic bands" like Disney recently implemented.

When I went home this past week I actually dug through all my dinosaurs and found my triceratops and raptor hatchlings. I brought the triceratops back to my apartment because I thought my girlfriend would let me put it on our media shelf in the living room. When I told her I had the raptor she just about flipped and wants it as well. I should mention when I took the egg out of my duffle bag she jumped back and held up her hands because she thought "is that some sort of cantaloupe with a bug on it". :lol:

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By Jodo
My girlfriend is afraid of those. :lol:

We ended up going to Walmart today to get another media shelf, so we can disperse our DVDs/Blurays a little bit more...And while we were there I mentioned I wanted that I-Rex really bad. She essentially told me to go get it, but I was still kind of unsure of myself. After some prompting, and because I had the money on me, I did end up buying it. On the way home I felt like a kid again! For some reason I've recently felt SW has been more of a chore when it comes to buying stuff, so this was a breath of fresh air. That is until I got it home, opened it, and realized that Hasbro's shoddy craftsmanship leaks into all of it lines.

The big I-Rex cannot stand on its own AT ALL. And not because it's front heavy or anything either. They've made the leg joins so loose that it just topples over because there is nothing to sop them from doing so. I told my girlfriend I was going to return it, but before I did I Googled reviews on it and checked Amazon. Apparently almost all them have super loose hip joins, and none of them stand. I'm going to take it apart and add some glue to the joints or something, because it does look good for $30; however it just doesn't stand up. :?


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