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By YAK_Jayson
German retailer Toy-Palace has listed several new 20″ and Big Size Figures from Jakks Pacific.

Original Trilogy:
20" Boba Fett
20" Chewbacca

Star Wars Rebels:
20" Kanan
20" Ezra
20" Green Stormtrooper
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By Niktom
Paulskywalker wrote:Do we really need SW figures in every imaginable size?

Agreed! Why?

The 31" are so nice and honestly a decent price point for what you get. This 20" will either get lost in the shuffle or replace the 31" because of the lower price point. Sad either way. Jakks... you're trying too hard like Hasbro. Keep it simple.
These things are everywhere here and some places have dropped the price to dirt cheap to try get rid of the bloody things.
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By Niktom
I'm glad you posted in this thread because it got me to look here. I noticed the post before was mine about snagging the Biker Scout all the way back in Aug of 2014. Seeing that reminded me of a picture I took a couple of weeks ago.

First though, a picture I took back in Nov. of 2014
This was in a Wal-Mart I frequent. I made a Facebook post about how he must have crashed into a tree.


Now fast forward to Aug 2016... same Wal-Mart... I find him again, on the main toy aisle, without the box, and reduced!


I'm usually in this Wal-Mart at least once a month and hadn't seen him in there for the better part of 2015. I've considered sending the pictures into corporate office to see if I could get a response.
one k-mart has a bunch of the scout troopers on clearance. theres one all by itself way up on the top back shelf that looks like he was used to scrub out a septic tank. :lol: :lol:

I'd buy a boba fett and update the detail/paint apps if i could find one.
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