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By YAK_Chewie
Not sure how many of you guys are aware of this upcoming line... ... res-118941

For me, there's some great custom fodder potential here... and these look just damn cool. Here's snips of the highlights to me.



I don't know how much these will cost, when they are to be released, or what stores will carry these? But damn, they look great.

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By theArchivist
There has been a real surge of small run figures from small companies. This line has some really nice figures (I know nothing about the property in which the come from) but $20+ for a 3 3/4 figure is way too steep for me just on principle. It would have to be something I really really wanted for that kind of price. I'm not sure how well these will do or if Lost Planet has a following large enough to support a line like this.
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