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Are you planning on buying non-Hasbro Star Wars Disney product?

YES! This stuff looks really good. I plan on buying a lot!
No votes
Yeah, I will pick and choose a few things.
Maybe, I have to see it in person first.
Probably not.
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NO - I have zero interest in this stuff.
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By Niktom
darthmac wrote:Stay away from anything long and thin! I really like the star destroyer!

EXACTLY! I can see the Falcon and the Star Destroyer being fine.

It's a really big shame too. The scale is great and the detail work on them look fantastic. If the X-Wing had been packaged differently, I think it would have done better. Granted, it still wouldn't stand up to playing with it... but who plays with toys? :P
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By Niktom
Jodo wrote:How big is that Star Destroyer? I'm a sucker for capital ships!

It's 2'' H x 5'' W x 8'' L
Just about the exact same dimensions as the vintage die cast Star Destroyer. I don't own the new one but measured my vintage one and compared the two. Here's the listing for it. ... 6/1000268/
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By Niktom
Right before Christmas I got the chance to swing by a Disney Store. Big deal for those of us who live in the boonies.

Was able to return the broken X-Wing. Got to see the big multi-pack of ships... WOW, it was impressive and NONE of the ships were broken in it. Passed though. I did pick up the whole plush line. Yoda, Wicket, Chewie, Taun Taun, Wampa and R2. Very, very pleased with the plush. Expected Disney plush quality, great size, true to character but still very cute, and the price decent and they were on sale for 30% off.
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By darthmac
YAK_Chewie wrote:I saw this stuff in person last week.

It's pretty cool looking for the most part, but not enough to get me to bite.

I did end up getting the big talking Stormtrooper... my kids love this thing with a passion... hell, so do I!


The Stormtrooper is the best of the bunch.

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